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What is Full Truck Load (FTL) definition?

Full Truck Load (FTL) is a shipping method where an entire truck is dedicated to transporting a single shipment. FTL is often chosen for transporting large quantities of goods or oversized items, ensuring faster transit times and minimizing handling. Click on the link to Know All About FTL.

What is the difference between FTL and LTL?

Full Truck Load (FTL) means reserving an entire truck for one shipment, ideal for larger loads with faster delivery. In contrast, Less Than Truckload (LTL) combines shipments from multiple customers into one truck, cost-effective for smaller loads with potentially longer delivery times. Click the link to Know All About FTL.

Is FTL suitable for my business size and type?

It depends on what you send. FTL is generally suitable for businesses with larger shipments or goods requiring dedicated transport. It’s cost-effective for bulk shipments but may not be ideal for small businesses with minimal shipping needs. Click the link to Know All About FTL and see if it’s suitable for your business.

Why using an app is important for my FTL shipment?

Using Deliveree app for FTL shipments is important because it simplifies logistics needs. The app allows booking various truck fleets at affordable rates and ensures the safety of goods. Additionally, it provides the convenience of tracking shipments in real-time, adding an extra layer of assurance and control over the delivery process. Learn more about application for FTL shipments.

Can Deliveree help load and unload my goods?

Deliveree can help you to load and unload goods. Our service already includes standard loading and unloading services provided by drivers for free with a maximum distance of 15 meters. If your booking distances are greater than 15 meters, you can activate Special Help. If you need additional manpower, you can activate Extra Helper.

Can I request additional manpower for loading/unloading?

Yes, you can request additional manpower by activating the ‘Extra Helper’ extra service in the second step under the more option section. Learn more about Extra Helper.

How to track and manage FTL shipments effectively?

You can track and manage FTL shipment effectively using our live-track via application. If you send the goods to someone else, you can also share the tracking link so they can expect the arrival time. Learn more about tracking a shipment in application.

Are there any loyalty programs for Deliveree's FTL customers?

Deliveree offers a Business Program that serves as a loyalty program for FTL customers. This program includes benefits like post-pay monthly invoicing for better cash flow management, insurance coverage of up to 1 billion per booking, customized standard operating procedures, 24/7 CS premium support, direct access to a dedicated account management team, and specialized VIP training for your team.

How to quickly check FTL shipping cost with Deliveree?

You can quickly check shipping costs by using our FTL price check calculator. You only need to choose vehicle type and input pick-up & drop-off addresses. If you’re unsure about the vehicle you want, you can input the goods’ dimensions and weight and get a vehicle recommendation.

Can I get a consultation before deciding on FTL?

Yes, you can get a consultation before deciding on FTL. You can use our FTL price check calculator to get vehicle recommendations and prices. For more information, you can also contact our Customer Service. If you’re a business, you can contact our Business Team for consultation.

How do I confirm the receipt of a FTL shipment?

You can confirm the receipt of an FTL shipment by inspecting the delivered goods and signing the delivery receipt if everything is correct. In Deliveree, you check directly and sign via the application. You also have the option to receive the shipment’s invoice in your email inbox. Read more: Deliveree Payment Methods and Documentation.

What types of goods are typically transported via FTL?

FTL shipments transport many goods, including electronics, machinery, construction materials, and consumer products. The suitability of FTL depends on your cargo’s volume and specific requirements. To learn more about goods that can be sent via FTL, read here: Types of Goods for FTL and How to Pack Them.

Are there any types of goods prohibited by Deliveree?

No prohibited goods are shipped using Deliveree as long as no special permits are needed. It is not required to package your items, but we do recommend it. Learn more about our goods and packaging information here: Types of Goods for FTL and How to Pack Them.

What are the services included in Deliveree FTL service?

Deliveree’s FTL service offers a comprehensive package including a skilled driver, vehicle, and all fuel costs. Our service also includes driver’s help to load and unload items within 15 meters of the vehicle. You also get free waiting time with different limits for each type of vehicle. Learn more about Deliveree standard service.

How much lead time is required to get driver for FTL bookings?

The lead time required for FTL (Full Truckload) bookings can vary depending on availability, distance, and logistics provider. With Deliveree, you can schedule your booking anywhere from a few hours to up to 30 days in advance, or you can choose a quick booking option for more urgent shipments. Our system will fin a driver that matches your needs quickly.

What happens if my goods don't fill the entire truck? Am I still charged for a full truckload?

If your goods don’t fill the entire truck when you book FTL service, you still charge the Full Truckload. To prevent this, we recommend you check the vehicle for your goods by inputting the dimensions and weight. Learn How to Overcome Issues in FTL Delivery.

How do rejected goods work in FTL?

Rejected goods in FTL shipments are managed according to your specific instructions. They may be returned, disposed of, or handled as per your agreed-upon terms. Learn How to Overcome Issues in FTL Delivery.

What happens in case of a vehicle breakdown during shipment?

In the case of a vehicle breakdown during a shipment, logistics providers have contingency plans in place. This includes vehicle replacement or waiting for repair to minimize disruption and ensure the timely delivery of your goods. Learn How to Overcome Issues in FTL Delivery.

How to book an FTL service with Deliveree?

You can book FTL service with Deliveree using the application for mobile devices or a web app for desktops. In the first step, choose the vehicle you want to use and the desired pick-up time. You also need to input the pick-up and drop-off address with contact information. You can choose the extra services you need in the second step, and in the third step, you can review and confirm. Learn more: Know All About FTL.

What are the differences between Deliveree's FTL and conventional trucking vendors?

The differences between Deliveree’s FTL and conventional trucking vendors are that Deliveree’s FTL provides tech-driven, flexible solutions with transparent pricing and 24/7 support. In contrast, conventional vendors offer standard services with potential tech integration and customization limitations. Learn more: Know All About FTL.

What are the tips on selecting the best FTL service provider?

When selecting the best FTL service provider, consider reliability, reputation, pricing, coverage, and customer reviews. Conduct thorough research and request quotes to make an informed choice. Know How to Choose the Best FTL Provider.

When is the payment due for an FTL service?

FTL payment terms vary and are agreed upon by the shipper and carrier. Payment is typically due upon successful delivery. Deliveree provides several payment options, such as cash, bank transfer, or Virtual Account (VA), which can be selected during booking creation on the confirmation screen. Learn more: Deliveree Payment Methods and Documentation.

Can I get a delivery report or documentation for my FTL shipment?

You can typically request a delivery report or documentation for your FTL shipment from the carrier. Most carriers provide proof of delivery (POD) or other documentation confirming your goods’ successful delivery. Deliveree has a document handling and return service available to all customers at a reasonable price on all bookings. Get all the details here: Deliveree Payment Methods and Documentation.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions on how goods should be packed?

Yes, there are guidelines and restrictions on how goods should be packed to ensure their safety and protection during transportation. These guidelines vary depending on the type of goods, the mode of transportation, and the destination country. Read here for more detailed guidelines and restrictions: Types of Goods for FTL and How to Pack Them.

How do I prepare my goods for FTL shipping?

To prepare your goods for FTL shipping, ensure proper packaging to prevent damage, label packages clearly, provide accurate weight and dimension information, and secure any special handling instructions for the carrier. Explore more tips here: Types of Goods for FTL and How to Pack Them.

Can I book Deliveree vehicle without Driver?

You can’t book a Deliveree vehicle without a driver, but you can include your own staff member to accompany our driver, ensuring that your specific procedures are adhered to. Select “customer staff” as a complimentary extra service during Step 2 of the booking process. Find more details HERE.

How can I cancel my booking with Deliveree?

You can cancel your Deliveree booking via the “My Bookings” section in the app, under the ‘Ongoing’ tab. If goods are collected by the driver, use the live chat in the app to contact customer service. Cancellation is usually free, but fees apply if canceled after the driver’s arrival or close to pickup time. Learn more about Deliveree cancellation policy HERE.

Can I schedule FTL shipments in advance?

You can schedule FTL shipments in advance by checking with your logistics provider. In Deliveree, you can schedule FTL booking in a few hours or 30 days in advance. Your goods will be delivered within the same day. To learn more about Deliveree’s scheduled FTL booking, click HERE.

What are the types of FTL vehicles available in Deliveree?

The vehicles available in Deliveree are Economy, Pickup, Small Box, CDE, CDD, CDD Long, Fuso, and Tronton. In total, there are 16 different shapes and sizes to cater to all expedition needs. For more detailed information about each vehicle type, click HERE.

How to negotiate FTL shipping rates with carriers?

Negotiating FTL shipping rates with conventional vendors involves considering shipment volume, frequency, and destination. Deliveree has done the work for you by comparing pricing from tens of thousands of vendors, ensuring our price is the lowest in the market. Get an instant quote for any route using our calculator HERE.

What is the most popular FTL vehicle choice for home moving?

The most popular FTL vehicle for home moving typically includes moving trucks, vans, and pickups, with the selection based on the size and specifics of the move. You can book Deliveree FTL service for home moving with our available vehicles, including Van, Pickup, Small Box, CDE, CDD, and CDD Long. Read more HERE.

What should I do if the shipment seems to be delayed or off-route?

You should immediately contact the carrier and leverage real-time tracking tools if your shipment seems delayed or off-route, taking proactive steps to address and resolve any issues efficiently. While issues like delays are possible in FTL shipping, their occurrence depends on various factors. Read more here: Learn How to Overcome Issues in FTL Delivery.

What are the benefits of choosing FTL over LTL (Less Than Truckload)?

The benefits of choosing FTL over LTL are faster delivery, less risk of damage, dedicated truck capacity, simplified tracking, and potentially lower overall costs for larger shipments. To delve deeper into these advantages, read here: Know All About FTL.

How do I determine if I need FTL or another service?

To determine if you need FTL or another service, assess your shipment’s size, urgency, and specific requirements. Choose FTL for large, time-sensitive shipments requiring dedicated truck space. Consider LTL (Less Than Truckload) or other freight services based on cost-effectiveness and flexibility for smaller loads. For more insights on when to choose FTL, read our blog: Know All About FTL.

How does FTL pricing work?

FTL pricing works based on factors such as distance, weight, freight class, truck type, fuel costs, seasonal demand, additional services, accessorial charges, market conditions, and negotiation, with rates influenced by these variables to determine the cost of transporting a full truckload of goods. Learn more about FTL pricing here: Know All About FTL.

What are the top strategies for optimizing FTL shipments?

The top strategies for optimizing FTL shipments include consolidation, route optimization, advanced scheduling, technology integration, carrier negotiation, load optimization, real-time visibility, packaging efficiency, data analytics, and compliance management. Learn how to optimize your FTL shipment here: Know All About FTL.

When should a business consider using FTL services?

A business should consider using FTL services when it has a large shipment that requires the entire capacity of a truck, ensuring faster and more direct transportation, particularly for bulk or time-sensitive goods. Read more: Learn How to Choose the Right Business Shipping Service.

What are the service areas of Deliveree FTL service?

Deliveree’s FTL service area covers pickup anywhere in Java and parts of Sumatra, with delivery capabilities throughout Indonesia. To check if your area is covered, use our area checker on the Deliveree FTL service area page HERE.

What are the most popular FTL vehicle choice for business?

The most popular FTL vehicles for business include pickup, engkel, flatbeds, and refrigerated trucks. Each of them is chosen based on cargo type and requirements. If you want to learn more about the most popular vehicles and which suits your goods, click HERE.

Where can I reach Deliveree?

Deliveree’s headquarter is in the Wisma Anugraha building in Kemang, Jakarta. For information about our other office locations, please visit our contact page. However, if you wish to book a delivery, you can do so conveniently through our app or web app, eliminating the need to visit our office.

What if some goods are missing or damaged upon arrival?

Generally, if goods are missing or damaged, you must report them immediately to the carrier, check the insurance coverage, and file a compensation claim. The problem is that most providers only provide paid insurance, so if you don’t opt for it, you get no compensation. With Deliveree, however, we give free insurance for all kinds of bookings you make with us, no exception, learn more about it HERE.

Are there tips on selecting the right insurance coverage for FTL shipments?

Yes, there are tips for selecting suitable insurance for FTL shipments, such as understanding the cargo value, assessing risk factors, checking policy exclusions, and considering coverage like liability and cargo insurance. However, with Deliveree we already got you all covered with our free insurance for every booking you make with us, find out more about our free insurance HERE.

How to ensure the safety and security of goods in FTL shipments?

To ensure safety and security in FTL shipments, use sturdy packaging, choose reputable carriers, get comprehensive insurance, and utilize GPS tracking. You must also maintain clear documentation and communicate effectively with carriers to adhere to transport regulations. Still not sure? Just use Deliveree and get free insurance of up to Rp 1 Billion per booking. See our terms HERE.

What are the different time types of booking for FTL service?

FTL booking can be categorized into a few time types, such as immediate pickup, scheduled pickup, or a full-day service. All of these are also provided by Deliveree, open our app to get your best offer and start sending today.

What information do I need to provide during booking?

When booking a shipment, provide pickup/delivery addresses, dimensions, weight, dates, special instructions, goods type, extra services needed, insurance, and contact info. Click on the link here if you need to Know All About FTL.

How to reschedule my FTL booking?

Contact your logistics provider or shipping company as soon as possible to reschedule your FTL (Full Truck Load) booking. Provide them with your booking details, desired new dates, and other relevant information. However, if you book with Deliveree, you only need to edit your booking via the app, and the changes will automatically be reflected. Open our app here.

How does FTL compare to truck rental?

Full Truckload (FTL) shipping is a logistics service where a provider provides you with a whole truck that can carry your all goods. The provider manages all aspects of the shipping while you rest at ease. In contrast, truck rental involves just renting the vehicle for a set period, and you will be solely responsible for the entire shipping procedure. Read: Know All About FTL.

Who is responsible for loading and unloading in FTL shipments?

In FTL shipments, loading and unloading are typically the responsibilities of the shipper (sender) and consignee (receiver), but specifics depend on the shipping agreement. However, with Deliveree, you don’t need to worry about any of that because our service comes with free loading/unloading from the driver, you may also opt for extra helper services, which info can be checked HERE.

What are the accepted payment methods in Deliveree?

Deliveree accepts a range of payment options for your convenience, including cash, bank transfers, and invoices. To learn more about it, read: Deliveree Payment & Documentation Methods.

Is there a helpline or support team I can contact during emergencies?

Of course, providers should have a hotline or support team you can contact for emergencies, but most of them are usually in the form of email or submission form that is not around the clock. Deliveree, on the other side, offers you 24/7 award-winning CS service to help you with anything related to your booking. Find more information HERE.

How can I contact Deliveree CS for inquiries about my shipping?

Getting in touch with Deliveree Customer Support is now more convenient than ever. Click the live chat icon on our website or app’s home screen. For additional information about our CS Support, please click HERE.

Are there any discounts or offers available for regular clients or bulk bookings?

Certainly! You can find information about discounts and promotions on our social media channels. If none are currently offered, our Saver FTL service provides the most competitive rates. Visit our Deliveree FTL price calculator for further information.

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