Deliveree Payment & Documentation Methods

Gambar meja dengan toples kaca berisi uang koin, uang kertas tergulung, beberapa kotak kardus bertuliskan "Deliveree", serta papan klip dengan kertas dan pena di atasnya, mengindikasikan aktivitas terkait pengiriman atau logistik.In the world of logistics, understanding payment and documentation aspects is crucial. You can pay using various payment methods when shipping with Deliveree. Furthermore, this article will discuss documentation at Deliveree. Check the Deliveree FTL price calculator below for offers.

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Deliveree Payment Methods

Deliveree offers two payment methods: cash and non-cash. You can find these payment methods in the third stage of the process, as shown below.

An image of the Deliveree app showing two screens at the order confirmation stage. The first screen is titled 'Summary' with details of the base rate, additional services, insurance, payment methods via cash to the driver or BCA virtual account, and the 'Confirm Order' button. The second screen displays contact information for the sender and recipient, delivery address, and options for mandatory signing.
You can choose the payment method according to your preferences and needs when placing an order.

Cash Payment

Despite technological advancements, cash payment remains a popular choice for many customers. Deliveree provides an easy cash payment option, allowing you to transact directly with the driver upon pickup or delivery. You can choose the payment location in the third stage when placing your order. Cash payment is ideal if you prefer physical transactions and want to avoid digital payment complications.

Digital Payment

On the other hand, Deliveree also pays attention to the growing trend of digital payments. The digital payment options offered include various methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, or Deliveree wallet credits, and even payments through virtual accounts. Digital payments offer convenience and speed, allowing users to transact from anywhere and anytime without the need for physical contact or cash.

Post-Payment Invoice

In addition to bank transfers, wallet credits, and virtual accounts, you can also make post-payment invoice payments. This can be done if you upgrade to a Deliveree business account. This method allows you to arrange payment after the delivery service is completed, making it easier to manage your company’s cash flow. To learn more about the criteria and other benefits of a business account, including priority services and special support, you can visit the Deliveree business page. With a business account, the management of your company’s logistics will become more efficient and integrated, ensuring that each of your deliveries is carried out smoothly and professionally.

Deliveree Delivery Documentation

Every package sent through Deliveree requires the correct shipping documentation. This includes shipment information such as origin and destination, as well as sender and recipient contact information. This documentation ensures that each package can be delivered accurately and efficiently. You can enter the address in the first stage and complete address details and add appropriate contacts in the third stage of the booking.

Tracking and Confirmation of Receipt

When you place an order, you can immediately track the delivery in the app. Use our mobile or desktop app to track the driver delivering your items on the map in real time. You can also contact the driver through chat or call during the booking process. You can also share a tracking link with the recipient. The recipient can track even without the Deliveree app, making it easy for them to estimate the delivery time.

With Deliveree, you can activate the checkbox for signatures in step 3 to ensure that the recipient has received the shipped items and has signed the proof of receipt. You can also uncheck it for contactless delivery. Of course, the driver will ensure that your items are received in good condition before leaving the location.
Screenshot of the order page in the Indonesian language app. This page is on the final step, 'Step 3/3 Summary.' There is a section highlighted in red with a green checkmark next to 'Wajib Tandatangan' indicating that a signature is required for all locations.
When the order is completed, you can perform a check through photos of the items at the pickup and drop-off locations, and you will receive a shipping invoice via email. You can contact our customer service to send the shipping invoice if you do not receive an email when the order is completed.

Delivery Documents

Deliveree provides a document handling and return service if your shipment requires documents such as shipping notes, proof of delivery (POD), or other documentation that needs to be returned to you. With this service, you can quickly and efficiently arrange the return of the necessary documents for your shipment, making the process more effective and convenient.

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