If you have questions, we have the answers. Everything you need to know so you can use our LTL service like a pro.

Just launch our app by clicking HERE. When choosing between our two main services, select Send Load.

You are welcome to send any size or weight using our load service but our prices are the most competitive at 10 kg and more.

Once you input your cargo size, weight, and the addresses of your delivery, our app provides you with the full price.

The earliest pickup available with load service is the same day.

Expect same-day delivery for short to medium routes and next-day delivery for long routes.

Expect a full Deliveree experience. Your app will provide you with live tracking, status updates, ETA updates, driver chat, CS chat, and notes/photos/signatures for your delivery.

We co-load your goods with the good of other customers on a similar route. By combining goods together into one truck, we make maximize the utilization of cargo space which reduces shipping cost. These savings are passed onto you. Try price checking HERE to see the price difference.

Our vehicle service is faster because you can book for pickup same day and you get direct routing. When you use our load service, earliest pickup is same day and your routing will not be direct because your truck will be making other stops for the other loads.

The load service is designed for commercial goods, cargo, and freight. To transport home moving or personal belongings, please book our vehicle service.

Live chat with our CS anytime 24/7. We never close.CS Live Chat

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