Cargo Company, Deliveree for Your Logistic Needs

Deliveree aims to provide solution for all logistic needs by offering both small package and cargo delivery services in just one app. Here are the benefits we give to our clients by being both a package delivery service and a cargo company. One stop for all needs Whether you need to send a few books […]

Benefit of Deliveree Trucks

There are many online delivery services in Jakarta, like Deliveree, that offer non-traditional delivery cars, most especially economy cars, which the customers can book through their delivery apps. What makes Deliveree different from them is our wider range of delivery cars including bigger vehicles like small box, engkel car, and double engkel car. Furthermore, truck […]

Book CDD Long from Deliveree App!

Deliveree is putting on continuous effort to improve its services by adding more delivery vehicle options for our clients to choose from. This time, we are introducing Deliveree’s newly vehicle: CDD Long or the double engkel long truck! Basic Information Deliveree’s Colt Diesel Double Long (CDD Long), also called as double engkel long, do not […]

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Having Unexpected Deliveries? Use Deliveree!

We encounter all kinds of unexpected situations that ruin the flow of our schedule. It might be hard to avoid or prevent such situations but do not panic! Deliveree is mindful of customers who might be stuck in unexpected situations, and that is why we tailored our fast delivery service to be able to cater […]

Logistic Partner for Printing Business

Because of our expertise in express delivery, more and more entrepreneurs are partnering up with Deliveree. Any type and size of legal business is welcome to hire Deliveree as their logistics partner, and that includes printing businesses. From event managers asking for banner to entrepreneurs requesting for business cards, a printing business has a wide […]


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