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In the world of logistics, choosing the right shipping method is crucial. Full Truck Load (FTL) is one such method, and this article will discuss everything related to FTL for you. You can also check the cheapest shipping costs for FTL services through the button below.


Important Information About Full Truck Load (FTL) Services

We understand that comprehensive information about FTL can sometimes be hard to find, making it difficult for many to understand the details. Therefore, we have prepared complete information about FTL, including answers to the most common questions:

What is Full Truck Load (FTL)?

FTL, also known in Indonesian as Muatan Truk Penuh, is a shipping method among various other logistics services where a full truck is dedicated to transporting a single shipment. FTL is ideal for large shipments as it offers better speed and efficiency. This is because when you use FTL services, your goods will not be combined with others, ensuring safer delivery and faster transit times without additional stops from other customers.

That’s why it’s not surprising that FTL is one of the most popular shipping and expedition services, evident from the dominance of trucks in cargo transportation, accounting for 90% of all shipments in Indonesia.

What Are Differences Between FTL and LTL?

FTL means booking a full truck for a single shipment, ideal for larger loads with faster delivery. In contrast, Less Than Truck Load (LTL) combines shipments from several customers into one truck, making it more cost-effective for smaller loads but potentially longer delivery times due to multiple stops. The flexibility of both also differs; FTL allows you to change the delivery route as you wish, while LTL does not as its route is fixed and bound to other customers’ routes.

Generally, FTL shipments can arrive on the same day or are known as same-day deliveries, depending on the route. However, LTL often takes longer, even more than 24 hours for intra-city routes if there are many individual customer items in a vehicle or order, requiring several separate stops.

What are FTL Benefits Over LTL?

The benefits of choosing FTL over LTL include faster delivery, lower risk of damage, dedicated truck capacity, more practical tracking, and lower overall costs for larger shipments. Meanwhile, LTL is more advantageous for small-scale package deliveries.

Is FTL Suitable for Your Business?

FTL suitability for your business depends on what you are shipping. FTL is generally suitable for businesses with larger shipping volumes or goods requiring special transportation, making it more cost-effective for bulk shipments but might not be ideal for very small businesses with minimal shipping needs. However, FTL doesn’t always mean booking a special “truck”. Some FTL service providers like Deliveree also offer smaller FTL vehicle fleets, such as economy cars with 200-350kg capacity, ensuring you can still save on FTL shipping. Consider the size, importance, and specific requirements of your shipment.

How to Order FTL?

How you order FTL services also depends on the service provider you choose. If you use conventional FTL services, you need to order directly at the branch office, but if you order technology-based FTL services like Deliveree, you can order online. Remember, when ordering shipping, you generally need to fill in the pickup/delivery address, selected vehicle, delivery time, special instructions, additional services needed, insurance, and contact info. Also, ensure the information, especially the schedule, is correct, as rescheduling an FTL order requires contacting the logistics provider or your shipping company as soon as possible unless you use technology-based FTL services like Deliveree, which allow rescheduling anytime through your phone until the vehicle arrives at the pickup location.

How is FTL Pricing Determined?

FTL pricing is based on factors such as distance, truck type, fuel costs, demand, additional services, extra costs, and market conditions. For instance, in Indonesia, the logistics sector showed significant growth up to 15.79% in the first quarter of 2022 according to the Central Statistics Agency, reflecting increased demand that can impact FTL prices. Therefore, make sure you know transparent FTL prices, and if in doubt, you can use the Deliveree FTL Price Calculator above.

What Are The Strategies to Optimize FTL Shipments?

Main strategies for optimizing FTL shipments generally involve consolidation, route & scheduling optimization, technology integration, operator negotiation, load optimization, real-time delivery visibility, packaging efficiency, and data analysis. That’s why you’re advised to use technology-based FTL shipping services as they usually offer additional analytical dashboards and apply technology integration to your delivery routes and scheduling, besides the obvious real-time tracking feature.

Deliveree and Its FTL Services

Armada Deliveree

If you’re still unsure about choosing the right FTL service provider for you, you should know that Deliveree, as a leading FTL service provider, offers various logistic solutions tailored to your shipping needs. Deliveree, with its 30,000 fleet, provides 16 types of vehicles from economy cars to heavy-duty trucks, along with optional additional services, making it easy to order FTL through their app or official website.

What Are the Advantages of Deliveree’s FTL over Conventional Trucking?

The advantages of Deliveree’s FTL are the convenience of choosing the type of vehicle and setting the desired pickup time from 1 hour to 30 days ahead, complete with real-time tracking service. This differentiates Deliveree from conventional trucking, where you only rent a vehicle and are responsible for the delivery. Deliveree manages all aspects of the delivery, providing more integrated and efficient logistic solutions.

Another significant difference between Deliveree’s FTL and conventional truck vendors lies in the use of technology. Deliveree offers technology-based solutions with 24/7 customer support and transparent pricing, while conventional vendors generally have limitations in technology integration and customization.


FTL plays a vital role in the logistics industry, especially for businesses that need efficiency and speed in large-quantity goods delivery. With the right understanding and selection of a reliable service provider like Deliveree, FTL can be a highly effective logistics solution for your business. Therefore, never hesitate to compare prices and services around you; if you don’t want to spend too much time, you can directly compare FTL prices and services offered by accessing our Deliveree calculator through the green button above.

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