How To Recognize A Real Deliveree Driver Partner


Do you know how to recognize a Deliveree driver partner? Well, a real Deliveree driver partner is more than just a person wearing a green shirt bearing the Deliveree goods transport company’s logo. Our driver partners come with a set of certain skills and proper etiquette.

#1 Deliveree driver partners have Deliveree IDs Like any other legit company employees and organization members, all Deliveree driver partners have official identification (ID) cards with Deliveree’s logo, the driver’s photo, and his identification details. Driver partners are required to always keep their Deliveree IDs in person where everyone can see it, especially Deliveree customers. Usually, driver partners wear their IDs using ID laces around their necks, where it is very much visible.

#2 Deliveree driver partners wear proper uniform Aside from wearing Deliveree IDs, driver partners are also required to wear polo shirt, long trousers and safety shoes prescribed by Deliveree. Besides, the motorcycle drivers who receive green jacket from Deliveree must wear it while doing delivery. All driver partners must be in complete uniform during his Deliveree duty hours. There are reasons behind the prescribed attire or uniform for driver partners. For one, attire uniformity helps people distinguish Deliveree driver partners from competitors’ delivery drivers. Secondly, the attire requirement will make drivers prim, proper, and presentable once they interact with Deliveree customers.

#3 Deliveree driver partners abide by service area limit Our customers can be assured that our driver partners follow the rules on where they can only make and take deliveries. How? Our Deliveree App has a track and trace feature that allows our customers to monitor in real time the approximate location of the driver partner that accepted their delivery request. Our driver partners are also trained so they can only take roads and routes that are within Deliveree’s service area, including urban and up-country deliveries. We advise our valued customers to be cautious of people posing as Deliveree driver partners willing to deliver your packages outside the coverage area or our delivery services.

#4 Deliveree driver partners are trained for business transactions One more thing that our driver partners are notable for is their reliability when it comes to handling business transactions and processing business documents. Deliveree driver partners undergo strict seminars, workshops, and trainings where they learn how to handle cash on delivery (COD) and proof of delivery (POD) for delivery requests made under the Business Program. For Deliveree, it is important that our driver partners are knowledgeable in business logistics involving COD and POD transactions so our Business Program enrollees or business clients can rely on us. Although the delivery app will show the name and face of the driver that accepted your booking or delivery request, keep in mind the ways on how to recognize a real Deliveree driver partner.


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