Meet Deliveree’s Professional Drivers


In this post, we are going to share a little love in honoring our Deliveree drivers. They are the backbone of our business, and without them, well, we wouldn’t get much done at all. We are going to share with you what it is about them that makes us proud. And by the end of this post, we hope that you will have the confidence to let them represent your business by using our awesome goods delivery services.

1. They Always Maintain a High Level of Professionalism

In any business, professionalism is essential for building a strong and reputable brand image. Your customers want to know that they can rely on you. And who better to set such an example than your employees.

We love our drivers because they demonstrate the pinnacle of professionalism on every single delivery (no matter how big or small). So if you have any concerns about outsourcing your delivery requirements to a third-party company because you do not have control over the drivers, don’t. There is no need to worry when you work with Deliveree. Our drivers will treat your customers with the utmost respect and consideration.

2. They Are Reliable and Safe

Our drivers go through a rigorous recruitment process, and so we only hire the most experienced drivers. Additionally, we ensure that they uphold a strict and professional manner when driving on the roads.

On top of this, our GPS tracking software helps us to keep a close eye on their performance. It allows us to know when our drivers are heading to its pickup point and drop off point and helps alert us in advance if unexpected delay will occur in any point of the delivery so that we can resolve the problem before you even know it happened. If it is reliability that you are looking for, then you can count on our drivers.

3. They Work Around the Clock!

The reason why we are able to provide such a reliable and consistent delivery service is because of our drivers. We have a vast number of quality and hard-working goods transport drivers representing us and it is their flexibility which enables us to provide you with such a wholesome delivery service.

4. They Come in All Sizes

If you are looking for diversity and huge numbers, Deliveree’s driver is the answer. Our partnered drivers come in all sizes, and with that, we mean their vehicle sizes. From two-wheel motorcycle to six-wheel trucks, Deliveree has one of the most diverse fleet for on-demand logistics service in Thailand. This will guarantee our customers that we can deliver pretty much anything in any sizes. From a single document to a whole warehouse, we have got you covered.  

5. They Are Always Prepared to Go the Extra Mile

Our drivers will go above and beyond to ensure that your goods are delivered safely and appropriately. They will do what they can to assist our valued customers with a smile. This is why we love our drivers. They share the same values as us – the customer comes first!

Interested in Exploring Our Delivery Services Further?

If you like the sound of our drivers and want only the best to handle your goods delivery, then download Deliveree and try booking our vehicles today via Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Web App. You will not be disappointed by the professionalism and enthusiasm that our drivers provide with every single delivery.

For more inquiries about Deliveree’s service or pricing, contact 02-105-4400, Live Chat or email everyday from 05:00 AM to midnight. For more information, please visit


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