Logistic Partner for Printing Business

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Because of our expertise in express delivery, more and more entrepreneurs are partnering up with Deliveree. Any type and size of legal business is welcome to hire Deliveree as their logistics partner, and that includes printing businesses.

From event managers asking for banner to entrepreneurs requesting for business cards, a printing business has a wide target market. But with the right logistics partner, a printing business will have even more opportunities to grow as an enterprise. Let us show you the reasons why you should work with Deliveree for your printing business.

Deliveree for Any Size
Deliveree accepts any package with no required minimum size and weight as long as it does not exceed 310 cm in length, 160 cm in width and height, and 2,000 kg in weight. You can choose from economy car, to van, to pickup truck, to small box truck, to engkel truck which type of delivery vehicle is most appropriate to transport your printed goods

Properly Trained Drivers
All Deliveree driver partners are licensed professional drivers who passed Deliveree trainings. They have all attended required seminars on Standard Operating Procedures including proper item handling and correct delivery app usage.

Easy and Fast Booking
Whether you are at your office or in the comfort of your home, you can easily book Deliveree by downloading our easy-to-use delivery app—as long as you are within our standard service area.

The Deliveree app lets you select delivery vehicles and set delivery schedules and locations within minutes. It also offers driver-customer live chat feature to help you have clear communication with your driver and a track and trace feature that allows you to monitor your package during shipping.

Wide Coverage Area
With Deliveree’s wide service area that includes most of Jakarta and Bandung, it gives you the advantage and opportunity of widening the coverage area of your printing business. Deliveree also offers long-haul services for delivery needs outside our standard service area.

Multiple Stops
Businesses find it easy to work with Deliveree—most especially because it allows multiple stops in one transaction. Deliveree lets the customer to select up to 23 destinations per booking, while full-day booking grants unlimited stops anywhere in Jabodetabek. You can save expenses, time, and energy with Deliveree’s multiple stop service offer.

With Deliveree’s program for business logistics, we encourage printing business owners to partner up with us because we aim to aid small and medium-scale businesses towards their growth and give more support for large companies needing a helping hand.