Logistics Company Improves Lives Across Jabodetabek

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As a logistics company aiming to revolutionized the courier system in Jakarta, Deliveree is taking small steps to improve life for the people living in Jabodetabek. In order to do this, a logistics service provider must find out what most people need to make their lives easier. And so, Deliveree went on its way to provide fast delivery services, affordable delivery services, reliable house-moving services, and efficient business delivery services to both simple individuals and business owners living across Jabodetabek. Check out our valued customers who testified that Deliveree has helped improve their personal lives and businesses.

Fast Delivery

“My business got a lot of help from Deliveree for delivering toddler catering in time. Deliveree also gives their best service to me and to my clients.” –Inta Camil

Running a baby and toddler food catering service is no easy task. For one, preparing a proper meal for a toddler should be done with care, yet at the same time should be done quickly so the food could be delivered in time. Mothers are tough customers, so everything should be done right. Luckily for Inta Camil, a toddler food caterer, she can rely on Deliveree for fast delivery services. With Deliveree’s services bringing the food to her customers in time, Inta Camil’s catering business continues to grow.

Affordable Delivery

Deliveree has done a great job in providing us prompt and efficient services. Besides, the price is affordable with its customized services.” –William

As an owner of a small furniture business, William has a lot of financial management to do. He must pay all the business expenses and save some earnings from his business’ income. Good thing Deliveree offers a very affordable delivery service. Deliveree’s customizable service where customers can choose only the service feature they need helps. William able to decrease his business expenses and still get quality delivery performance.

Reliable House-moving Service

Deliveree has ‘saved’ many important moments in my life. Every time I need a delivery service, they can handle all … Deliveree is really reliable.” –Friska

Being a fulltime housewife, Friska always face problems like house-moving or finding time to send packages to her relatives. Household chores and taking care of her family keeps Friska’s hands full. There are times when she is too busy to leave the house to send packages or to look for house moving trucks for rent. With Deliveree’s online platform for both websites and mobile phones, Friska has time to book packages and send them to her relatives.

Efficient Business Delivery Service

“For us, Deliveree Van has been our trusted vehicle since the first time to deliver our business to several places in one time.” -DusDusan

DusDusan is a reseller and supplier that gives opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Due to the nature of their company, DusDusan always have many product deliveries across Jabodetabek everyday. To fulfill this need, DusDusan partnered with Deliveree as their third-party logistics partner. With Deliveree handling their business’ delivery services, DusDusan can now distribute their goods and products throughout Jakarta. All DusDusan and other Deliveree Business Program customers need to do is select the type of fleet their business needs and booked the dates and time for deliveries.

Join the hundreds who have tried and trusted Deliveree and maybe we can help in improving your life when it comes to delivery service needs.