Tips on How Handle Business after Lebaran Season

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The city roads are mostly empty and quiet during the Lebaran with people staying in their hometowns, but it is busy and full after the celebration as almost all Indonesians are travelling back to their homes.

After the Lebaran season, people need to go back to their workplaces and to their normal everyday lives. Business owners, in particular, need to move the earliest to resume their business operations before the usual transportation gridlocks brought by mudik lebaranTo start coming back to work right, here are Deliveree’s tips on how to handle business after the Lebaran season.

Have a fresh start
It is only right to have a fresh start after Lebaran, but start early. During mudik lebaran, the volume of people coming back from their hometowns usually causes heavy traffic and gridlocks. Avoid travelling during the rush hour, and if you ever need to make a delivery or receive a package, make sure to book a fast courier service in Jakarta.

Recheck inventories and review your business data. Of course, do not forget to check on your clients and employees. Most of all, set a time to hold halal bi-halal with your employees by sharing meals together and asking for forgiveness if necessary.  

Do not rush to work
Do not rush to work right away. You might not be able to focus as you and your employees might still be adjusting with coming back to work. Instead, reorganize your schedule and put contingency time. Prioritize tasks or clients that demand urgency, and take your time for those that do not.

You can take a break from time to time during work or set plans with your friends on the weekends.

Prepare for the next holidays
It is possible that you are one of the efficient entrepreneurs who made sure your business will start on a clean slate after Lebaran. In that case, why not use this time to start preparing for the next holidays?

Check on your calendar when the next holidays are and start devising plans on how you and your business should face it. To further minimize stress after the Lebaran season, book Deliveree to accomplish your express delivery needs. We aim to help ease traffic in the city, holiday or not.

We hope you celebrated Lebaran well. A belated Selamat Idul Fitri everyone!