Worry Free Sending Fragile Items

Crystals, glasses, porcelains, and other fragile items—Deliveree goods delivery services can handle them with care. Deliveree driver partners are trained to handle fragile items professionally and Deliveree vehicles are well-kept so they are always safe for transporting goods that easily break. Below is a list of fragile packages that we can safely transport.

Send Crystals
Crystal rocks, balls, and bowls in Indonesia are famous for their beauty and healing quality. Some crystals are even called singing crystals because of the melodic sound they produce. Crystals are a big part of Indonesia’s trade industry. These precious rocks are often found in bazaars and online shops. They are also given as gifts or used as household decorations. 

You can use Deliveree app to send package like crystals. Although crystals are fragile, Deliveree is equipped and capable of handling such items. We can help individuals send crystals as gifts in small parcels, or help online entrepreneurs with the logistics of their crystal delivery. We can also transport crystals in bulk to bazaar locations for bazaar stall owners.

Send Tea Sets
Most families often worry about tea sets when house-moving, the same way they worry about other fragile eating and drinking utensils. Luckily, there are precautions that can be taken to keep fragile tea sets safe. Aside from using bubble wrap to keep the tea cups and tea pots safe, you can use Deliveree’s affordable goods delivery services for your house-moving activities. You can also use Deliveree for other tea set shipping like gift delivery and product delivery.

Send Paintings
Are your paintings too big for you to handle alone? Transport paintings of all shapes and sizes to galleries, museums, and art exhibits with Deliveree. Our fleet has a wide range of vehicle types including Deliveree axle trucks for rent where paintings as high as 160 cm and as long as 310 cm could fit. Additionally, artists who sold paintings on exhibits can use Deliveree for delivering sold paintings from the exhibit venue to the buyer’s address.

Send Porcelain Dolls
Deliveree economy car is often chosen to deliver toys like large stuffed animals, child-size dolls, and big remote-controlled cars. We also deliver other toys including porcelain dolls. Porcelain dolls, especially antique ones, must be handled with extra care not just because of their fragility, but also because of their monetary value. Porcelain dolls are still considered as very precious items these days.

With our economy car, porcelain dolls are safe and secured. The car’s soft seats will keep the porcelain parts from damages when there are road bumps during shipping. Deliveree economy car can also do multiple deliveries of porcelain dolls for entrepreneurs selling such items.

Send Glass Items
Glass items are one of the fragile objects that are hard to deliver. They always seem like they will break the moment you touch them. Moreover, there are various types of glass items and each of them needs a different delivery method and vehicle.

For example, glass items like drinking glasses and wine glasses can be easily transported by an economy car as long as they are safely bubble-wrapped. Large antique mirrors are safer delivered using a small box truck as large mirrors sometimes do not fit inside economy cars. On the other hand, Deliveree recommends glass panes, glass windows, and glass doors to be delivered using Deliveree pickup car.

With Deliveree, sending fragile items is no longer a worry! Ordinary individuals and business owners can send delicate packages just by using the Deliveree courier application