Types of Food Packages Deliveree Accepts


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Fashionable clothes, building materials, online products for sale—these are not the only goods that Deliveree can transport and distribute across Jabodetabek and Bandung! Because of Deliveree’s fast delivery services, clients can send food products as well!

Deliveree for Event Catering

With our superfast and super reliable delivery services, Deliveree can deliver food for event catering services right on time before event guests could go hungry! Catering services can choose from our wide range of delivery vehicles which one best suits the number of event food they need transported.

Deliveree for Office Catering

Offering a different kind of catering service? You are in luck! Deliveree logistics services can also accommodate other forms of catering like office catering. Entrepreneurs who own food businesses like food franchise inside office buildings or healthy lunch meal deliveries for those who opt for a healthy diet can hire Deliveree as their business partner so the food will arrive at the destination while still fresh.

Deliveree for Bakeries

Cakes and other baked goods are such delicate types of food. For one, cakes and cupcakes often have decorations that need very careful handling or else they will get damaged before the buyer was even able to see them. Fortunately, bakeries can use the Deliveree App for pastry products that need extra care like multi-tiered customized cakes. With Deliveree’s highly-trained drivers, bakery owners are assured that their baked goods will arrive at the destination safe and sound.

Deliveree for Food Ingredients

Of course, some food and catering businesses do not only need their finished products transported to their customers, but the delivery of raw materials for cooking and baking as well. For food deliveries like this, the Deliveree axle box for rent is at your service. Deliveree axle box can carry a maximum of 800 kg of food ingredients and raw materials.

Need more information regarding Deliveree’s food courier services? Just visit our website and inquire with our customer service representative.