How Deliveree Eases Traffic

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Big cities have it all—the best malls, the best schools, the best buildings, and of course, extreme traffic congestion. Because of the advantages of living in very commercialized and urbanized areas, these cities are flocked by more people than they can handle, so everyone is competing for every space. Before you know it, the roads are experiencing gridlocks due to the huge number of automobiles.

Fortunately, Deliveree’s goods delivery services manage to find a useful way to provide a logistics service that can help ease traffic in Jakarta and in nearby cities.

Engkel Box for Rent

Because Deliveree’s services were designed to improve the state of living in urbanized areas, the company came up with a plan to provide delivery services without having to add trucks and vans into already congested roads. Unlike other logistics companies which buy new trucks to deliver their customer’s goods, Deliveree sought out drivers and automobile owners who are willing to have their cars, vans, and engkel box trucks for rent under Deliveree.

Express Delivery

With different automobiles available from big trucks to economy cars, Deliveree can provide fast delivery in Jakarta because economy are much smaller than trucks and can escape traffic jams by taking alternate routes that bigger trucks cannot take. Also, because economy are not covered by truck bans, Deliveree can offer express deliveries or same-day deliveries.

Logistics for Business

Deliveree’s services are also perfect for business logistics. Instead of buying new trucks that will add more traffic to the roads and hiring new drivers that will be added to the payroll, entrepreneurs can hire Deliveree to provide them with delivery driver partners and delivery automobiles that suit their needs. Deliveree even partly manages their business’ logistics operation for them, as entrepreneurs do not have to include the driver under their payroll and they do not have to pay for the delivery automobile’s upkeep.

Deliveree is not just about business—it is about improving lives by providing an efficient and urban-friendly logistics system that everyone can benefit from.