The Importance of Rating Services


In the smartphone age we live in, almost everything exists solely within the confines of whatever screen we are currently looking at. If we cannot sync our entire lives up with a device, then it instantly holds less importance than our phones and this trend is not going to change. In fact the future promises increased integration and cross platform functionality, enabling everything electronic in our lives to be linked and give us an ever greater degree of control over how things operate and access to our digital lives. However, when these online services require real world components, such as the delivery of goods via courier services, then understanding how well the service has performed is important. To do this, companies can ask for your feedback on the service you have received, which is why companies like Deliveree provide a rating and feedback option after a booking has been completed.

Don’t Hold Back

Professional service providers like Deliveree care about the truth; they do not want you to fall into the standard categories of feedback providers. It is quite normal that our brains only tend to recall especially happy and enjoyable events or something that went horribly wrong. If you ask anyone to try and think of a really good customer service experience they have had, most people would struggle to think of one quickly. Ask the same question about a bad experience, and you will have more answers than you can handle. As such, it is important to send feedback straight away whilst everything is fresh in your mind and tell the truth about your delivery in Thailand, or your package arriving in Bangkok, so that it is accurate.

Simply Stars

Many companies choose to simplify things further. Many department stores are starting to have terminals by the exits with a range of faces, from happy to angry, allowing customers to simply express their experiences. Deliveree offer the same simplicity with a one to five star rating for a booking. This provides a lot of quick data concerning every aspect of that booking and therefore helps them compare the amount of satisfied customers against the vehicles used, the locations, any extra services and delivery time, to name a few.

All of this data can help the company make informed decisions about their next steps. If they were looking to increase more vehicles, would they acquire more that have been linked to five star reviews, or the ones associated with one and two star reviews. It really speaks for itself.

All of this means that by spending the extra few seconds to provide some basic feedback, you are directly affecting the evolution of the service you have chosen. Obviously there are going to be companies out there that have no interest in customers’ opinions, and simply appear to care, but Deliveree is not one of them. Feedback is essential to the ongoing growth and development of this and many other businesses, so make sure you think twice before swiping away that request next time.


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