How Does Track and Trace Feature Work


The Deliveree company is always more than just delivering packages here and there. We also make sure that clients are aware of the whereabouts of the packages they entrusted unto us, giving them a sense of security regarding their valuables. We provide them with this feeling of security through our Track & Trace Feature.

What is Track & Trace Feature?

The Track & Trace Feature is a feature of Deliveree TH delivery app designed to trace delivery vehicle so the app users or clients can track the location of the packages they sent. Through Deliveree app’s Track & Trace feature, both the package sender and receiver can see how far or how near the delivery vehicle is from the drop-off destination. Additionally, the feature includes the package’s estimated time of arrival, so the clients can have approximate knowledge on what time the package will be arriving.

How Does The Track & Trace Feature Work?

In line with its mission and vision to revolutionize the local logistics industry through technological advancement, Deliveree Thailand utilizes the flexibility of today’s smartphone and computer technology to give their clients a sense of security. With the use of Global Positioning System (famously known as GPS), Google Maps, and satellite technology, clients can track large packages and small parcel delivery through Deliveree TH. Using the Deliveree app installed in their laptops or smartphones, clients can monitor the exact routes, roads, streets, and highways that are taken by the delivery driver partner who is driving the delivery vehicle carrying their packages.

Why is The Track & Trace Feature Useful?

There are a number of reasons why the Track & Trace Feature is useful, but the most important reason is security and assurance. As the Track & Trace Feature allows the clients to monitor the driver partners in their delivery tasks, driver partners are less likely to commit misconduct. The feature can also help the company determine the approximate location if ever unexpected circumstances happened with one of the vehicles, whether it is a Deliveree truck for rent, economy car, or motorcycle. At Deliveree Thailand, we make sure that clients get the best delivery services. With the present technology advancement, it is only right that we use it to improve lives, like making the local logistics industry more secure and more convenient.


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