Deliveree: A Friend for Any Business

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the different specific businesses our company can help and the Deliveree vehicle for delivering goods which best matches the store or shop. But do you know that Deliveree can work with more than the ten businesses on that list? Deliveree’s business partners go beyond stores and shops. […]

Send Food Orders with Deliveree!

Thai food is known across the globe for its interesting spices and flavors. And Thai people are even more known for celebrating the rich culture found in their cuisine. Even more so, Thailand is dubbed as the “Kitchen of the World.” Obviously, food industry in Thailand is not the kind that allows itself to get […]

Deliveree Transport Vehicle for Everyone

Do you ever wonder why Deliveree needs to have a wide range of transport vehicles? In Bangkok alone, there are around 8.2 million Thais living. A large part of that 8.2 million are people who rely on or make use of the local logistics industry for their personal, household, and business needs. Every person or […]

Top 10 Businesses for Deliveree

Managing a business involves a of lot work that sometimes it barely leaves a business owner enough time to manage his business’ own logistics fleet. That is why Deliveree offers a business logistics assistance that is both reliable and affordable—a Business Program designed to serve different kinds of trades popular in Thailand. #1 Catering services […]

What Makes Deliveree Business Program Safe

What makes Deliveree Business Program safe and secure for business product deliveries? A lot! But for now, here are three reasons why entrepreneurs should trust Deliveree with their goods. Track and Trace Feature Deliveree knows how much business owners value their goods and products. We know that they are your livelihood and we would do […]