Driver Commitment for New Service Rules

If we are to be successful, Deliveree together with Driver Partners, we must become champions of customer service. There is nothing more important than this. If customers have a great experience each time they book, they will come back. We then will grow together, our marketplace gets bigger, more customers join us, and you receive all the bookings that you want to earn more money and rewards. This is the reason for our new Driver Service Rules

Required Standard Services

For Economy, MPV, Van, and Pickup Drivers. Standard Service is what you must do in return for every booking. This is your basic duty. No Extra Services are required.

Old Driver Service rules are gone, dead, deleted. These are the new permanent Driver Service Rules which take effect on October 26, 2017.

1. Loading and unloading from vehicle is minimum 15 meters. We strongly encourage you to do more. Make customer happy! And don't forget to park your vehicle as close as possible.

2. Stairs and elevators are fine. No limit on number of floors.