We Offer 2 Main Services

Whole Vehicle and Partial Load Delivery Service

Deliveree offers 2 main services which are full vehicle (FTL) and partial load (LTL). Choose either service using the selector at the top of our app screen on step 1 of our booking process. Read below for an overview of each service including a table highlighting key differences.


A. Whole Vehicle 

FTL = Full Truck Load

Our whole vehicle service allows you to book a vehicle from our wide fleet selection and fill that vehicle’s cargo hold up to its stated limit. Key advantages of our whole vehicle service is full control over the loading and cargo hold utilization, availability for on-demand and same day, full control over routing plan including as many drop off points as you wish, and generally faster deliveries (because every stop the vehicle makes is for you).


B. Partial Load

LTL = Less Than Truck Load

Our partial load service allows you to send just a load without having to book a whole vehicle. Input in our app the type of goods, dimension, and weight and we’ll load your goods along with other customer goods going on a similar route to give you the best co-load prices available in the market. Key advantages of our partial load service is highly competitive pricing so long as you can wait for next day pickup, stay flexible regarding your pickup times, and can accept a longer delivery time (because your driver will make stops to drop off other customers’ goods as well as yours).


C. Comparison Table

Whole Vehicle vs Partial Load

FeaturesWhole Vehicle (FTL)Partial Load (LTL)
PricePay by vehicle typePay by load size and weight
SelectionYou pick the vehicleWe pick any vehicle with enough space
CapacityCargo hold is dedicated for youCargo hold is co-loaded with other loads
ControlFill up the vehicle as you wishSend your load based on weight and size
ServiceCustomDoor to door or loading bay
Pick-upEarliest is same-dayEarliest is next-day
RoutingVehicle goes direct to destinationVehicle is routed with other stops
SpeedDirect to destinationSame-day or next-day for most routes
ETAPrecise pickup, delivery timesPickup, delivery time windows
SupportCS live support daily from 5am to midnightCS live support daily from 5am to midnight
Goods InsuranceAvailableAvailable


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