Top 10 Businesses for Deliveree


Managing a business involves a lot of work that sometimes it barely leaves a business owner enough time to manage his business’ own logistics fleet. That is why Deliveree offers a business logistics assistance that is both reliable and affordable—a Business Program designed to serve different kinds of trades popular in Thailand.

#1 Catering services Food delivery service has never been easier for catering service providers. Whether you only deliver food or the dining tables and chairs for rent as well, Deliveree is at your service. Our fleet has different types of vehicles that can transport food, culinary equipment, and dining tables and chairs.

#2 Bakeshops Does your bakeshop deliver multi-layered or multi-tiered custom cakes? Do you sell specially decorated cupcakes that need extra care during transport? Our delivery car is suitable for delivering delicate food items like multi-layered cakes and decorated cupcakes. The comfort that the economy car option provides will keep baked goods fresh and their decorations intact upon arrival at their destination.

#3 Furniture stores The Deliveree Business Program already serves a lot of business clients who own furniture stores. Furniture store owners can also rely on our driver partners and extra helpers’ assistance in loading the furniture into our trucks.

#4 Appliance stores Deliveree’s choices of delivery trucks for rent is perfect for appliance store owners. Our available delivery trucks for heavy deliveries include boxed trucks that can carry a maximum weight of 1,500 kgs and 6-wheeler trucks that can carry a maximum weight of 40,000-50,000 kgs. We can deliver the appliances to the product buyers’ houses on the same day the buyer bought them from you.

#5 Tailoring services When it comes to protecting tailored gowns, suits, dresses, and other garments for special occasions, Deliveree’s economy car can get the job done. The economy car can protect all types of garments from direct sunlight, road heat and pollution, and other elements that could harm the garment’s original quality.

#6 Dress shops Sometimes dress shops need assistance in shipping their dress products, too. By enrolling their dress shops under the Deliveree Business Program, shop owners can task and schedule our delivery vehicles when it is time to restock the shops by fetching products from the warehouse and distributing them among their branches. You can also use Deliveree for dresses your customers want to be delivered door-to-door.

#7 Flower shops Same-day delivery of flower orders is one of Deliveree’s expertise. We realize the importance of keeping flower deliveries fresh by getting them on their destinations on time. Flower shop owners would be pleased to know that Deliveree can do same-day delivery requests for products like flower boxes, bouquets, and baskets.

#8 Hardware stores With our pickup truck, Deliveree can surely handle hardware stores that sell construction supplies. The Deliveree pickup truck can contain up to 1,000 kgs of weight, allowing it to carry building materials like hollow blocks, wood planks, metal beams, buckets of paint, and sacks of cement and gravel stones.

#9 Vegetable and fruit store With Deliveree’s service area covering Bangkok and metropolitan destinations. we guarantee that we can pick up vegetable and fruit products from Bangkok and deliver them to rural areas. We also accept fruit and vegetable delivery requests from markets in metropolitan areas to Bangkok City.

#10 Online shops Your business does not have to be a physical store to avail our Business Program services. Just download our delivery app and enroll your business under our Business Program. We will take care of your customers’ online orders—all you have to do is schedule the delivery date and set the pickup and drop-off location of your products. Was your type of business not included on this list? Go to our website to check out the information or call our customer service representatives! They will gladly answer any inquiries about Deliveree’s Business Program.


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