Informative Tips to Reduce the Cost of Delivering Packages


A true challenge for any existing business or new startup can be unexpected and often overlooked, shipping cost. This does not just include the cost of shipping your goods themselves, but may also include the cost of supplies being shipped to your business for the shipment of your goods. It is wise to keep a specific eye on your overall shipping costs. As with most businesses, shipping can account for up to 25% of your overall expenses, which ultimately digs a hole into your budget. Have a look online and do a bit of research on different delivery companies and services, and find the best fit for your business or personal needs. In the long run, it will truly save you on those particular fixed shipping costs.

How Can You Manage Your Supplies?

Are you in a situation where you have to purchase your own shipping supplies? Or are you using a delivery company that provides supplies? Are those supplies included in the delivery fees? Or are they considered extra services? Get to know your delivery company! Packing supplies can add a hefty cost to your deliveries if you are not aware. Boxes, envelopes and mailers, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, and tape are all a part of the shipping system. There are many companies that solely focus on shipping supplies and provide customized discounts to your business depending on the volume size that you order. However, with Deliveree, all you truly need is some protective bubble wrap and your Deliveree driver will load your goods or cargoes into their vehicle safely and without mixing them with other goods.

Ultimately, it is your own personal driver and vehicle handling with care your items being sent. With Deliveree’s maximum damage warranty of up to 500,000 Baht, you can rest at ease knowing your items are insured. Deliveree makes managing your goods extremely easy without those shipping worries. Any Deliveree vehicle that you choose to send your documents, goods, or cargo, you have the option of utilizing the entire space of that particular vehicle. There is no need to use extensive packing because after your driver retrieves your packages from your pickup location, your driver will deliver your package or cargo straight to its respective destination, or destinations if you have chosen multiple stops in any one specific booking. Using other delivery systems, you would have to spend time and cost figuring out how you would package and label your items before sending it. Deliveree gets it done!

Exploit Flat Rate Shipping and Its Included Extra Services

Most major delivery companies offer some type of flat rate service, which is a major saver and standardizes the process by helping to reduce any issues that may be associated with extra shipping costs. Some companies charge flat rate by a particular zone or distance. This can be a positive situation as there is transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Deliveree is one of those companies that provide this service. Have an in depth look at Deliveree’s services to see if it fits your logistical solutions. Consolidate your deliveries by utilizing services that offer deliveries to multiple destinations or include multiple packages and goods in the same vehicle given the respective weight limit of that particular vehicle. How convenient would it be to have up to 10 delivery destinations in one booking?

Deliveree offers a Full Day Option that includes a fixed price of 2,200 Baht for box truck, which is equal to 9 hours delivery time and with unlimited destinations within the standard service area. This is true transparent pricing. Knowing how much you need to pay for your delivery before any booking confirmation can help you to decide if you require any of Deliveree’s extra services. Most carriers will also offer some type of software whether it may be a mobile app or web application. Take advantage and make use of Deliveree’s very convenient mobile app suited for Android and iOS users. With just your fingers, you can simply be on your way to delivering your next package!

Deliveree, Your Business’ Trusted Logistical Solution

Deliveree has more than 4 years of experience in providing logistical solution to companies within the small to large corporate range. They have helped companies save up to 30% of their total shipping costs with their advanced technology delivery app. Deliveree provides you the option to select your shipping service, either distance based or at a fixed rate. They also provide you with a various vehicle type selection depending on your shipping capacity needs. In just a single touch on your mobile or desktop, you can book shipping and have Deliveree’s system find the nearest vehicle to pick up and send your packages or cargoes.

What is more special with Deliveree are the additional services that you can request with your booking. With COD (cash on delivery), extra helpers, or multiple drop off destinations (up to 10 drop off locations of your choosing), Deliveree can truly be called a logistical solution!


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