Go Green by Outsourcing a Courier Service Provider

Outsourcing Courier Logistics Company

Today more than ever, it is vital that we band together and do what we can to reduce our global carbon footprint. There are many things that you can do as a business to reduce your own and outsourcing your logistics requirements is just one of them.

In this post we are going to explore some of the benefits of outsourcing your delivery requirements to a third-party goods transport company such as Deliveree from an environmental perspective. Let’s take a look.

1. De-fleet and Save Money

Whether you have only got a couple of delivery vans or your fleet is much larger, making the decision to de-fleet comes with many benefits.

For one thing, it is incredibly expensive to manage a fleet of vehicles as you will know all too well. Not only do you have drivers’ salary and benefits to contend with, but the tax, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and fuel consumption costs as well.

By de-fleeting, your business will instantly become greener. Additionally, you will save a lot of money that you can re-invest in other ‘revenue generating areas’, such as marketing your e-Commerce website.

Additionally, you might not always have the most appropriate vehicle for a certain delivery. For example, sending out a large van for a small order isn’t the best way to go about things. Which is why at Deliveree, we are proud to offer a huge amount of flexibility on our delivery vehicle options. That and should you ever require such, we offer long-haul delivery services as well!

2. Deliveree is One of The Most Energy Efficient Logistics Companies in Thailand

That might sound like a bold claim, but we have the software to prove it. The way that Deliveree operates is based on efficiency. We used a state-of-the-art application which allows us to send our nearest drivers to collect your goods, significantly cutting down on fuel consumption and waiting times.

In addition to that, we provide our drivers with real-time traffic. This allows us to re-route our deliveries as efficiently as possible, thus taking the fastest routes. Again, this is yet another reason why we are among the most energy efficient delivery companies in Bangkok.

By using our services, you will have access to this fantastic technology. That means that your deliveries will always be prompt and direct, and very little time will be wasted sitting in traffic unnecessarily or heading to the wrong destination.

Additionally, our software is forever updating, collating the data that comes with every delivery and refining each route with efficiency in mind. This is why we are renowned as being one of the leading express delivery services in Bangkok. 

3. We are Dedicated to Precision Logistics and Deliveries

As a retailer, your time and money should be invested in improving your customer experience and the quality of your products. You won’t have time to waste on trying to refine your delivery processes, and you shouldn’t have to because you can outsource them to a dedicated logistics company.

Efficiency is in our job description, so you can rely on us to offer the finest results. Already we have raised the bar in the logistics industry in Thailand and we will continue to do so into the future. We understand that it is a big commitment, entrusting your delivery requirements to a third-party company. You will need to know that you can rely on them being the face of your business. Well, you can trust in us as customer service and professionalism is one of our chief focuses and an aspect of our business which we are always striving to improve.

Interested in Exploring Our Logistics Services Further?

If you like the sound of going green and want to explore third-party logistics company, look no further. Deliveree’s on-demand logistics service can help fulfill your delivery needs with its vast fleet ranging from two wheels to six wheels. Have your goods delivered nationwide with a starting price of only 140 baht for economy car and pay according to the distance of your deliveries. No surprise extra charge and expensive fixed cost. Experience the full logistics service with our extra services that are selectable through the booking. 

Download Deliveree and try booking our vehicles today via Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Web App.

For inquiries about Deliveree’s service or pricing, contact 02-105-4400, Live Chat or email support.th@deliveree.com everyday from 05:00 AM to midnight. For more information, please visit www.deliveree.com/th/en


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