Long Haul Delivery


The modern world of e-commerce and online shopping has caused a fundamental shift in the way that deliveries are viewed by business customers as well as the general public. Gone are the days when people were happy to wait up to a week or more for basic delivery on things they have ordered. Instead, the world has moved on and customers have very different expectations. These expectations often demand a very rapid arrival of anything ordered, even from overseas, without any real consideration of how this happens. In fact, depending on where an item is traveling from, many people now expect goods delivered the next day, which places an ever-growing strain on the delivery and logistics industry.

The ‘Last Mile’ Problem

In most cases, even when items are traveling across the globe to reach their buyers, the most complicated and problematic part of the entire process is the point where the item is passed to the final courier for delivery to the customer. This is known as the last mile problem as it involves multi-drop drivers and a high dependency on customers to make the process efficient.
If you add to this the unforeseen problems such as traffic congestion in cities or the sparseness of rural deliveries, then it is easy to build up a picture of the complexities of the last mile. Keeping this cost down is one of the biggest challenges facing the logistics industry and its customers, but it is by no means the only problem. At Deliveree, our multi-drop drivers are very well trained and experienced in what they do, but they can only be as effective as situations allow. And if you need to transport your goods between cities, we have a solution for you as well.

The Other Miles

Although the last mile can be the most problematic and expensive for delivery companies, shipping a lot of products between major cities can be similarly challenging for businesses. Many delivery companies are focused around the last mile situations but charge a premium for distance due. However, we do things differently.
When you book your long haul delivery through Deliveree, you know exactly what you are paying for. We focus on a simple and high-quality service, which enables us to offer fixed prices for most of the major transport routes across Thailand. This means savings and certainty for you. Knowing in advance what a delivery route will cost enables businesses to plan a long way ahead in regard to the movement of their products, whereas having a different charge on each booking will lead to uncertainty and possible delays if the required amount has been underestimated.

Offering our customers, a reliable service is very important to us here at Deliveree, and we want our long-haul delivery services to be viewed as favorably as our multi-drop ones are. If your business needs a national logistics service, then get in touch or book a delivery today!

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