Industries in Thailand Which Needs Same-Day Delivery


In this post we are going to look at logistics services in Thailand and the types of businesses that can benefit from a same-day or express delivery service, which is what Deliveree excels in. If you find that you are in one of the following seven industries and you don’t currently offer same day or express delivery, then you will need to get on that immediately.

1. E-Commerce

The fact is customers are readily willing to spend more on their products if they can receive them on the same day. That coupled with the fact that soon enough same day delivery will be the standard throughout the industry, and this should be a reason enough for you to jump on the bandwagon immediately.

If you don’t have the infrastructure in place to accommodate same day delivery, then you will need to find a logistics company in Thailand that can. This will be a great opportunity for you to downsize your non-core operations, eliminate your fleet and invest your money into expanding your e-commerce efforts. With Deliveree’s on-demand logistics service, you can book vehicle such as motorcycle or eco car to have deliveries made to your customers.

2. Groceries and Food

Most food items are perishable, which is why it is important to offer same day delivery on groceries. By embracing this, you will gain a larger customer base as more and more people are steering away from going shopping themselves and having their weekly shop delivered to them instead. If you need to make multiple delivery stops, book our Full Day service where you can have the vehicle make unlimited delivery stops within 9 hours. More importantly, Deliveree offers chilled truck vehicle that can deliver frozen and chilled goods at a starting price of only 1,100 baht.

3. Florists  

If you are in the floral industry and you want to get ahead and keep up with your competitors, then same day delivery is an absolute must. Flowers are very time-sensitive, which is why it is so important for them to reach the intended recipient in good time whilst they are fresh. Our eco car is an excellent choice for such deliveries as the fragile flowers will be kept in air-conditioned vehicle and carefully handled door-to-door by our drivers.

4. Manufacturing Supplies and Replacement Parts

If your business relies on machinery to function, you will need immediate access to replacement parts when one or more break. Otherwise you will run into some major problems. This is why the manufacturing industry is so heavily reliant on same day delivery. If you specialise in spare parts and manufacturing supplies, then you must step your game up to meet this demand. Deliveree’s larger vehicles such as pickup truck, box truck and 6-wheel truck can be your solution.

5. Law Firms, Offices and Other Document-Driven Companies

Certainly, in this digital age most transactions are done paperless. However, there is still the need for the transportation of sensitive documents between several parties. By offering same day delivery, you can keep a close eye on documents and speed up the process in keeping with important deadlines. Our motorcycle is best suited for these types of deliveries as it can easily zig-zag through Bangkok’s traffic and help you beat the deadline.

If you are in any one of these five industries and you’re not currently offering same day delivery, then you must find a third-party logistics service providers such as Deliveree who offer one of the widest and most affordable vehicles for delivery in Thailand. Logistics in Bangkok is forever improving and so businesses should adjust accordingly in order to keep up in an ever-demanding market.

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