Full Day Service


Full Day service enhances logistics flexibility by offering a fixed price vehicle rental on a per day basis with unlimited distance and destination within Bangkok Metro, Chonburi, Rayong, Ayutthaya and Chachoengsao.

What Is Included in Full Day Price?

Full day price is inclusive of; 

  • Vehicle use and driver’s time during the service hours
  • Unlimited distance and stops within the standard service area in Bangkok Metro, Chonburi, Rayong, Ayutthaya and Chachoengsao.
  • Fuel
  • Special Help By Driver service for full service in loading and unloading

Note: Please reserve 1 hour for your driver to take a meal break during full day service.

What Is Not Included in Full Day Price?

  • Extra Helper, available at extra cost
  • Overtime for hours exceeding 9 hours for Bangkok Metro and 8 hours for Chonburi, Rayong, Ayutthaya and Chachoengsao.
  • Applicable tolls and parking fee

How To Book Full Day?

1. Select vehicle type


2. Select “Full Day” time type


3. Select date and time of pickup


4. Input a pickup location. Location of other stops are optional


Full Day Pricing for Bangkok Metro

VehiclePriceSpecial HelpExtra HelperOvertime Fee/Hour
Motorcycle950 ฿--100 ฿
Eco Car1,350 ฿Free-100 ฿
Pickup Truck1,800 ฿Free400 ฿150 ฿
Box Truck2,200 ฿Free400 ฿150 ฿
Chilled Truck2,500 ฿Free400 ฿150 ฿
6-W Truck4,750 ฿Free600 ฿200 ฿
10-W Truck6,750 ฿Free800 ฿250 ฿

Full Day Pricing for Chonburi, Rayong, Ayutthaya and Chachoengsao.

VehiclePriceSpecial HelpExtra HelperOvertime Fee/Hour
Eco Car1,200 ฿Free-100 ฿
Pickup Truck1,600 ฿Free400 ฿150 ฿
Box Truck1,900 ฿Free400 ฿150 ฿
6-W Truck4,250 ฿Free600 ฿200 ฿
10-W Truck6,000 ฿Free800 ฿250 ฿

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