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When placing your booking, you will be able to see the transit time estimate for your selected delivery route. The information will help you to better estimate when your goods will arrive at its final delivery point.

The estimation of transit time is based on travel time of the route you select, work time at each location and time for driver to rest or stay overnight in case of long-distance transportation.

Nevertheless, the actual time that driver arrives at the final destination may differ from the estimated time shown when you book the service. The variation could result from change of traffic conditions, actual time used for loading and unloading goods, actual wait time or other external factors.

How Transit Time is Estimated

A Time to Load and Unload Goods

The transit time includes an estimated time for drivers to load and unload goods or perform any tasks related to the delivery at each location in the booking except at the final destination. Loading and unloading time used in the calculation is between 30 to 90 minutes per location depending on the vehicle type.

B Travel Time

Travel time is the total time that drivers are expected to use to drive from one location to another and is based on the travel time information from Google Maps.

C Large Vehicle Buffer Time

The travel time from Google Maps is based on regular driving speed of 4-wheel vehicles. Therefore, for 6-wheel and 10-wheel bookings, the system will add a time buffer to make the travel time estimate more accurate.

D Rest Time

Rest time is the time for drivers to have a break after driving continuously for more than 4 hours to avoid fatigue and ensure road safety. The rest time is based on travel time used from one location to the next and inclusive of large vehicle buffer time; 30 minutes of rest time will be added for every 4-hour driving.

Example: For a 6-wheel truck booking with a total travel time and large vehicle buffer time of 8 hours, the system will give driver 1-hour rest.

E Overnight Time

If the travel time combined with the buffer time for a large vehicle exceeds 12 hours, the system will give driver 6 hours of overnight rest time.

Note: For full day bookings, the transit time shown in the app will be 8 or 9 hours, depending on the service area.


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