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What Are The Standard Fares?

Deliveree charges distance-based fare per kilometer which varies by vehicle type.

What Should You Expect From Your Driver When Paying Standard Fares?

We call this the Standard Service. This is the physical labor our drivers must perform for each delivery. The Standard Service includes:

  • Loading non bulky items at pickup point to the vehicle within 10 meters.
  • Driving the delivery route.
  • Unloading non bulky items at each destination from the vehicle within 10 meters.
  • Carry non bulky items to an upper floor using elevator

Note: Non bulky items are items that weigh less than 25 kg and dimension less than 150 cm

When Should You Use Special Help?

If your booking has extended loading or unloading distances more than 10 meters, use of stairs or special tasks, select “Special Help” on step 2 in our app.

Where Can I Select Special Help?


How Much Does Special Help Cost?

Vehicle TypeFee
Eco Car100
Pickup Truck150
Box Truck150
Chilled Truck150
6-Wheel Truck250

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