Damage and Loss Warranty

As one of the great benefits of booking with Deliveree, free insurance is provided for every booking at no extra charge. This protects you against loss or damage to your goods.

Please note that activity taking place outside the Deliveree app or platform will not be covered in our insurance policy.

Coverage Limit

Vehicle TypeCoverage Limit for Standard ServiceCoverage Limit for Saver Service
Motorcycle4,000 baht per booking1,000 baht per booking
Eco Car4,000 baht per booking1,000 baht per booking
Pickup Truck8,000 baht per booking3,000 baht per booking
Box Truck8,000 baht per booking3,000 baht per booking
Chilled Truck8,000 baht per booking-
6-Wheel Truck15,000 baht per booking-
10-Wheel Truck15,000 baht per booking-
Trailer20,000 baht per booking-


Prior to each delivery, items must be packed properly and the vehicle selected must suit size, weight and type of goods to be delivered. Click below to read the full insurance policy.

For business customers with frequent monthly deliveries, Deliveree offers a Business Program with enhanced warranty coverage of maximum 750,000 baht per booking to suit your commercial logistics needs.


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