Document Return (POD) and Cash on Delivery (COD)

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Document Return (POD) and Cash on Delivery (COD) service is offered to customers in Deliveree’s flagship business program to facilitate cash collection and document need for businesses.

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How Does POD Service Work?

POD service is designed to help businesses save cost associated with physical document collection in each delivery. Such documents may be a signed proof of delivery, delivery note, shipment order or receipt.

When POD service is chosen, Deliveree will manage document collection and return on your behalf based on your standing instructions within 5 working days.

Note that if you would like to have documents returned within the same day of delivery, please opt to add an extra location to have driver return to a pick-up location immediately after goods delivery is completed and enjoy a special return trip discount.

How Does POD and COD Service Works?

For booking with COD service enabled, driver will collect your customer’s cash payment and transfer money to your bank account based on your standing instructions within 24 hours. Cash collection limit is 75,000 baht per delivery booking. Cash collected through COD service is fully guaranteed by Deliveree.

When COD service is chosen, POD will be offered for free.

How Can I Use POD and COD Service?



How Much Does POD and COD Service Cost?


POD Only50 ฿
POD + COD0.2% of Collections ~ Min 50฿ ~ (Maximum COD amount: 75,000฿/booking)

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