Express Delivery in Thailand


Small businesses often need to send packages, parcels, and cargo to clients and customers around the country. E-commerce business, especially, has grown so large and is in constant need of an excellent express delivery system that offers affordability, reliability, and fast delivery. Individuals also need to send packages and parcels to friends and family or are purchasing goods online to be sent to their homes. They also need the same type of delivery service. Deliveree’s services cater to consumers, and small or large businesses alike to ship packages, parcels, and cargo domestically with precision and accuracy all the while saving you time and cost.

Always Do Your Homework

Know your courier and its services. Does your courier have hidden costs? Do they allow multiple pickup and drop-off locations for your delivery? Do they offer chilled trucks for cargo that is temperature sensitive? What about the fastest possible delivery vehicle during traffic hours? Do they offer motorcycle service? These are some types of questions that you should consider when doing your homework in search for the best possible logistical solution for your business or personal needs. Deliveree is an express delivery service that is gaining much ground in Southeast Asia. Since Deliveree’s launch in 2014, it has expanded its operations outside of Thailand and onto Indonesia as well as the Philippines.

Deliveree is a top-notch team of caring individuals who are committed to keeping clients as the focus of attention. Deliveree’s goal is to remain consistent, professional, and cost-effective, and to provide you those logistical solutions you need to grow your business. The satisfaction of Deliveree’s customers are their first goal, which is why Deliveree exercises the highest level of commitment and responsibility while dealing with every delivery. Your packages are as important to Deliveree as they are to you. With the ability to directly contact your driver or use the Deliveree app to track the whereabouts of your package, you can rest assured that you have done your homework well by choosing the best logistical solution with Deliveree.

Can Your Needs Be Met?

What are your logistical needs? What type of parcel is being delivered? Does it need to be delivered across town or up or down the country? Deliveree can assure your packages, parcels, or cargo get delivered whatever your need may be. Deliveree provides long haul service with the absolute best fixed pricing for many top routes throughout Thailand. That fixed price includes the truck, driver, labor, fuel, toll fees, parking, and any return documents to your office or home. If it is just simple local delivery, Deliveree services the Bangkok Metropolis area as well as surrounding provinces, which include Pathum Thani, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan, and Samut Sakhon.

Download Deliveree and try booking its vehicles today via Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Web App. For inquiries about Deliveree’s service or pricing, contact 02-105-4400, Live Chat or email everyday from 05:00 AM to midnight. For more information, please visit


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