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So many organizations make up a supply chain, the logistics involved in getting materials and services into the hands of the consumer, whether business or personal. It can be a maze of confusion. The backbone of global and local trade, supply chain logistics is an interactive web of transportation, warehousing, and inventory. Supply chain logistics associates must know how to choose the most forth-winning mode of transportation, how to design and set up a warehouse facility, how to control and manage all inventory and assets, and how to set up an efficient logistical network while keeping all costs at a minimum and delivering the absolute best customer service.

In a more concise form, the supply chain can be typically looked at as umbrella that shades the tight knit network of firms (procurement, warehousing, accounting, finance, transportation, materials handling, supply chain management) involved in bringing raw materials into the hands, and at the feet of the consumer.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is much more of a broader term which actually comprises all aspects of a product cycle from its respective origin to its destination or the end user. An example of a supply chain could be viewed as from a farm to a dinner plate. It is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve that sustainable competitive advantage within business. Product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as information systems are all covered to coordinate these specific activities.

The two main ideas of supply chain management are that every product that reaches the end user represents the cumulative effort of multiple organizations and that the supply chain is created to break down the silo effect. In other words, breaking down barriers between different functional areas of any business and allowing them all to communicate and work together cohesively.


Logistics is just one component of a supply chain. Logistics has to do with the coordination and movement of materials and goods from point A to point B, and further if necessary. It can be labeled as the detailed organizational efforts and implementations of a complex operation. The desired target of logistics is to make certain that the consumer acquires finished materials or goods at the correct time and location with cost efficiency.

There are two underlying components which include inbound and outbound logistics. Inbound logistics is referred to as sourcing, expediting, and receiving of goods arriving into a business organization. Outbound logistics can be understood as warehousing, packaging, and the transporting of goods that are departing from the organization. In its most simplest form, logistics is the management and movement of materials, information, and other resources between two or more specific points.

How Deliveree Can Help You

Deliveree can offer you a logistical solution in a personal manner at the convenience of an app on your chosen touch device. Simply download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or use the Web App if computer is your preference. After selecting from a wide range of vehicles that suit your cargo size, you have the choice of several timing option, whether within 60 minutes, pre-scheduling for up to 2 weeks in advance, or full day rental, tailored for all your time sensitive needs.

You will notice on the apps map that there will be available drivers in your area ready to pick up your goods. You can conveniently add up to ten different locations in one booking. Extra delivery services are also available.

The Deliveree app then matches you with a professional driver in about a minute and provides you with driver’s contact information and ETA details to your pickup location. After your driver loads your goods and is moving to drop-off destinations, he can be tracked with ease through the Deliveree app. Tracking lets customers know the exact whereabouts their goods are at that given time.

If you need assistance, you can contact your driver directly or you can use the Deliveree hotline for customer support. For inquiries about Deliveree’s service or pricing, contact 02-105-4400, Live Chat or email everyday from 05:00 AM to midnight. Visit for more information.


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