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There are more ways—and days—than one to make use of our Deliveree’s logistics services. After all, with our wide range of delivery vehicles, we can transport a large variety of packages, from business goods to food deliveries for special occasions.

1. Songkran

Without a doubt, Songkran is Thailand’s most famous festival and its popularity has reached other parts of the world. Many tourists and backpack travelers often join the celebration by throwing water with the locals. Although widely known as Water Festival, the event is more known as Thai’s New Year, which means the celebration activities are not limited to water-throwing. During Songkran, different parts of Thailand celebrate the New Year in their own unique ways. For example, other Songkran activities include building sand castles, laying down of offerings, playing live music, and traditional or cultural performances—these are activities that could use the services of Deliveree’s delivery truck for rent. For example, Deliveree trucks can transport to the event venue the costumes and props for the cultural performers, and even deliver the musical instruments that will be used for the live music.

2. Chinese Ghost Festival

The Chinese Ghost Festival or Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival of Thailand has been a practice of some Buddhist sects and other Chinese communities for a very long time. People who celebrate the Chinese Ghost Festival believe that hungry ghosts roam the earth every 15th night of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Thus, people would offer candles, flowers, paper money, and mainly food to appease the hungry ghosts. The highlight of the event is the Ghost-Feeding Ceremony, where families prepare a feast-like dinner outside their homes as a way of inviting the hungry spirits to dinner. Although some families would prefer to prepare and cook their own dinners, some might still consider ordering certain types of food that they would be too busy to prepare. Chances are, food businesses might receive more orders than their own food delivery service can handle. For cases like this, food business owners might want to hire Deliveree’s logistics business services.

3. Weddings

Thai Weddings differ depending on the religion of the couple and where they live. For example, people in southern Thailand have wedding customs that may be slightly different than those who live in northern Thailand, while those who live in rural or up-country villages may have a more traditional approach to weddings. Fortunately, no matter what your wedding ceremony needs, you can rely on Deliveree’s services to deliver the food, materials, and equipment needed on time on your venue. Our wide range of vehicles can deliver wedding needs, from bridal gowns to food for the wedding reception. Moreover, our large service area coverage allows us to do up-country delivery requests for weddings in rural areas needing logistics services.

4. Birthdays

Like most countries, Thailand celebrates birthday parties yearly as a way of appreciating adulthood and maturity. However, the 60th birthday is considered extremely significant. Celebrate your loved ones’ milestones by giving them an unforgettable birthday bash, without too much event preparation stress. With the help of the Deliveree’s food delivery vehicles and other delivery services, you can have banquets of food and layered cakes delivered to the birthday venue. You can book the delivery of food and birthday materials in advance so all you have to do during the event is take care of the guests while waiting for your deliveries to arrive.

5. Christmas Day & New Year

Although Christmas Day and (Gregorian Calendar) New Year are not originally from Thailand as these holidays are brought by the Westerns, Thai people still do enjoy the gift-giving season. Children adore the holiday the most, as most of them find happiness in receiving gifts. Of course, people who are past childhood can receive and send gifts during Thailand Christmas Day. To beat the gift-giving rush, use the Deliveree app to send gifts on the same-day or even before Christmas Day. Just download and install the app in your mobile phone, book a delivery request, and one of our driver partners with the delivery vehicle of your choice will come and pick your package up. Enjoy festivals and plan important events without the stress and hassle of logistics inconvenience. You can rely on Deliveree’s services no matter what the occasion!


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