Long Haul Deliveries for Your Business


Why Deliveree Long Haul Deliveries Make Sense for Your Business

Long haul deliveries are never a simple matter; the cost of the vehicles, drivers and the infrastructure around them quickly add up to make it almost impossible for many businesses to offer competitive distribution between cities. Deliveree has the answer to this problem for businesses of any size. Being a Logistics company in Bangkok as well as Thailand, Deliveree has an existing network of drivers and vehicles ready to put at your disposal. But Deliveree offers many more benefits than simply a vehicle.

The Full Service

Deliveree drivers are at your disposal. This means that as well as driving the car or Box Truck to your destination, they are also on hand (with others as is necessary) to provide a full loading and unloading service. When you book a delivery with Deliveree, you can use our vehicle guideline to assess the size of vehicle and volume of cargo to make sure you have access to a relevant number of staff to carry out a safe and efficient loading and subsequent unloading. This not only saves you and your staff from a potentially long and physically demanding task, but it also ensures that all of your goods are handled correctly and neither it, nor those loading it, will be put at risk.

Fixed Prices

One of the most challenging aspects long haul courier services face is the sheer cost of running the service. Because Deliveree knows their operating areas incredibly well, they are able to offer a fixed price between cities, which will, of course, vary depending on the cities and vehicle you require. This is a brilliant convenience for their customers as it allows them to accurately plan and budget their delivery services in Thailand without having to factor in a large unknown for transportation costs.

Multiple Stops At No Extra Cost

Another large cost that delivery companies have to contend with is the multi-drop business model. This tends to be because other companies pay drivers by the amount of successful drops they make. Seeing as Deliveree uses a fixed price system, they are not forced to compromise their customers flexibility for the matter of cost. With any Long Haul booking, you can add up to ten different drop-offs within the destination cities and it will all be included in your fixed price, meaning that once the job is booked, you know exactly what you will be paying before anything leaves.

No Hidden Costs

One of the other perks Deliveree has with their Long Haul service is that the customer doesn’t have to pay for toll roads or parking, these are included free with your booking price. Depending on the distance and destination of your deliveries, these costs can quickly add up into an unpleasant surprise, one which other companies may well add to the bill at the end of your delivery and some even add handling fees for the charges. Deliveree values its customers far more than that, and these fantastic benefits should be evidence of that commitment.


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