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Seeing packages loaded into a courier van and disappearing to their new owners is somewhat of a small joy for those responsible for organizing the transaction. However, there is more to be considered when getting items ready for shipping than simply putting them in a box. Even though our delivery drivers at Deliveree maintain the highest standards of care and professionalism, other courier companies might not be quite so forgiving, especially if your items are traveling internationally. As such it is exceedingly important that you take every sensible precaution to protect your parcels and help ensure your deliveries arrive at their destinations intact.


If you are shipping multiple items in one box, you should always ensure that each item is wrapped individually within the box. This not only offers more protection to the individual item, but also to all of the other items in the box as they cannot damage each other by bouncing around. You should also make an effort to wrap the box itself, sealing up any edges and gaps with strong tape. This would reduce the points of weakness on the box as well as help prevent anything from working its way inside the box through the joins.


Even after you have wrapped all of the items inside your packing box, it is still important that you fill the rest of the empty space with packaging materials such as polystyrene pieces, bubble wrap or card wrap. This should be placed around the items to provide a cushion between them and the walls of the box, and also to mitigate any movement within the box. Even wrapped items can be damaged if they are given sufficient movement within a limited space, so removing this space is important for their protection.

Think Outside The Box

Or more specifically think about the outside of the box. Make sure that the exterior of your package is clean and everything is clearly marked and labelled because there is nothing worse for couriers than a confusing mix of old labels with the new one hiding somewhere amongst them. If you are reusing an old box, ensure that your remove any old labels and tape before sticking your new ones on and also check that previous use hasn’t left any cuts or other points of weakness in the box that would not have been there from manufacture as this could provide an unexpected crushing point if the box is stacked.

Overall, couriers and delivery services will always try to handle your packages with as much care as is possible, but we do handle thousands of packages a day and there are inevitably time when not every box is handled as if it was made of glass. However, whilst we always strive to minimise the risks of any damage, there are always unexpected incidents.

That is why Deliveree offers commercial level goods protection insurance up to 20,000 Baht for individual customers and up to 500,000 Baht for Business Program customers. However, if we work together, then there is no reason that, barring the most extreme of circumstances, every package should make it through without any damage to the contents – this is certainly our aim and we hope it is yours as well.

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