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There was a time when house-moving in Southeast Asian countries was difficult because of several factors. Moreover, there are times when house-moving from rural to city and from single homes to condominiums becomes a necessity for people so they could live closer to their workplaces and avoid traffic. With that said, house-moving is a bit big of a deal for most people in Thailand as many people need to be nearer to offices and public transportation. But now that Deliveree Thailand delivery app is here to revolutionize the local logistics industry, house-moving has never been easier.

Look No Further

Before smartphone technology paved way for on-demand delivery apps, house-movers would have to ask friends and families if they know anybody who has a moving truck for rent with a driver for hire. Looking for a reliable yet affordable moving truck for rent and driver for hire could take a while and postpone the house-moving date. Now, you can easily find vehicles for house-moving with Deliveree Thailand’s fleet of delivery vehicles. No need to go through all the old school trouble of hiring a moving truck. Just make sure you have an Internet connection and have the Deliveree App installed in your phone. With just a few taps and clicks, you can select the right type of moving vehicle you think you need and you can enter your desired moving schedule.

Yours For The Whole Day

Although Deliveree driver partners usually serve more than one client a day by accepting different delivery requests within the same area, we also offer a Full Day option for cases like Deliveree house-moving service. With Full Day option, the delivery truck you requested for house-moving will be at your service for 9 hours, along with the assigned driver partner.

Vast Location Coverage

Deliveree Thailand’s vast service area allows us to serve more house-moving clients in need for up-country delivery of household furniture and appliances. Our large coverage gives a higher chance that your old home and new home are within our service area. If you want a stress-free and hassle-free house-moving, book now with Deliveree Thailand!


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