Deliveree Business Program: Advantages & Benefits


Are you an entrepreneur? Deliveree Thailand’s logistics services goes far beyond shipping personal packages. We can be the logistics partner your business has been waiting and looking for. Take a look at the advantages and benefits of enrolling under our Business Program.

1. Easy Enrollment Process

No business documents needed. No interviews needed. No registration fee needed. Just download and install the Deliveree delivery app on your phone or computer. Go to our website and click the For Business tab, then click the Enroll or Enroll Your Company button. You will be directed to our Registration Google Form where you just need to answer each question honestly. After answering the registration form, click submit. All you need to do is wait for a confirmation that your business has been accepted under Deliveree Thailand’s Business Program. See? Enrolling is as easy as 1-2-3!

2. Daily Live Customer Support

Deliveree Thailand is no average courier service provider that just happened to offer a Business Program for entrepreneurs. Our company is experienced in handling logistics for business. We understand that some businesses operate seven days a week, so our customer support for our valued business clients will be available all week from Monday to Sunday. It is not just a customer support representative with recorded response—no, as our business client, you will experience live customer support. Deliveree Thailand’s logistics for business will be here to assist you with your business’s delivery needs all throughout the week from 5 AM to midnight.

3. Flexible Payment Methods

Different enterprises have different schedules and methods for gaining income so we cannot demand the same payment method from all of our business clients. We respect each client’s preference when it comes to payment method. In line with this, we accept both prepay and post-pay payment method. Each method has its own advantages. Prepay with Credit Balance does not expire, allows up to a maximum balance of 100,000 Baht, accepts bank transfer and check, and offers full account statements. On the other hand, Post-pay with Monthly Invoicing has a 30-day payment cycle, accepts bank transfer and check, and offers full account statements. You can choose whichever is more convenient to you.

4. Available COD/POD Services

Our business clients have various uses for Deliveree Thailand’s courier services. Some business clients avail our services for a more convenient way of getting raw materials from farms and warehouses. Other clients seek our services to deliver their goods because of our wide range of delivery vehicles. Deliveree even has food delivery vehicles. Because we deliver products for sale, our delivery driver partners are trained in collecting and processing cash on delivery (COD) and proof of delivery (POD). Our COD/POD services are available from Mondays to Fridays, every 7 AM to 6 PM. Clients are guaranteed to get their customers’ payment 100%.

5. Warranty Policy

Business items have fixed value and Deliveree understands how important it is for our company to take care of such items you entrusted unto our care. Yet even when the clients, the driver partner, and the company did their best to protect the items during shipping, unexpected circumstances may lead to unpleasant effects on the goods. Nevertheless, you should not worry because as our business client, any business package of yours that got lost, damaged, or stolen during our shipping is subjected to our Warranty Policy. As long as the damage cost is within our commercial liability limits and investigation results proved that the damage is due to our company’s neglect, you are subjected to our Warranty Policy.

6. Unlimited Destinations Privileges

Yes, you read it right: unlimited destinations. Unlike our regular clients, our business clients can enjoy unlimited drop-off destinations as long as the locations are within our service area. Need to send packages to more than 10 up-country destinations? No problem! You can enjoy this privilege whether the delivery vehicle you selected is a Deliveree delivery truck for rent, an economy car, or a scooter. So what are you waiting for? Enroll your business under our Business Program now! If you would like to know more about the system of our Business Program, you may contact our customer support for any questions.


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