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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the different specific businesses our company can help and the Deliveree vehicle for delivering goods which best matches the store or shop. But do you know that Deliveree can work with more than the ten businesses on that list?

Deliveree’s business partners go beyond stores and shops. We offer logistics services to small enterprises, medium-scale businesses, and even big corporations! As long as there is a reason to help out a business through express goods delivery, it does not matter if the business is big or small.

Small Enterprises

What is a small enterprise?

Small enterprises (a.k.a. small business enterprises) are one of the smallest types of business you will find. This type of business is usually owned and run by the same person who does all the work (although sometimes there are two owners). A good example of a small enterprise is an online retail shop which is owned and operated by the same person, or a photo studio with only one photographer who also happens to be the studio’s proprietor.

How can Deliveree help small enterprises?
Deliveree believes that even small local businesses deserve quality goods delivery service. Thus, Deliveree can help small enterprises like online shops by delivering ordered products from the online shop owner’s house to his customers’ houses. This way, the online shop owner does not have to go out to deliver his goods by himself, therefore saving his time. He could then use his spare time to manage his business or spend time with his friends and family.

Medium-scale Businesses

What is a medium-scale business?

Medium-scale businesses (a.k.a. medium business enterprises) are businesses with a revenue size that falls somewhere between small enterprises and big companies. Imagine the photographer who owned the photography studio mentioned above decided to hire a small number of employees to do the tasks for him so he could focus more on expanding the services of the business. That would be a perfect example of a medium-scaled business.

How can Deliveree help medium-scale businesses?
As a goods transport company, most of Deliveree’s business clients are medium-scale businesses like bakeries, flower shops, retail stores, and hardware stores. This is mostly because hiring Deliveree can provide them a more affordable logistics system, compared to having their own logistics fleet. Having their own delivery team might cost them a lot, from delivery driver salary to delivery vehicle maintenance, unlike hiring Deliveree as a logistics partner.

Big Companies & Corporations

What are big companies & corporations?
Many people are much more familiar with big companies and corporations. Big companies and corporations are often owned by a number of businessmen and shareholders, run by chief officers and managers, and have large number of employees. Thailand’s leading business establishments are great examples of big companies and corporations.

How can Deliveree help big companies & corporations?
It might seem like big companies and corporations have no need for Deliveree, but there are times when shopping malls and even traditional freight logistics companies may request for Deliveree’s assistance when they need additional trucks for goods delivery. Most big companies that are likely to have a business partnership with Deliveree are fast food chains, restaurants, and shops with several branches nationwide.

With Thailand’s continuous economic growth and budding small-to-medium entrepreneurs, the future seems to be promising Deliveree with new opportunities to improve the local business logistics. We hope that our mission and vision to improve the local logistics industry would prove fruitful for the coming years as it is our goal to better serve the people’s logistics needs.


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