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Do you ever wonder why Deliveree needs to have a wide range of transport vehicles?
In Bangkok alone, there are around 8.2 million Thais living. A large part of that 8.2 million are people who rely on or make use of the local logistics industry for their personal, household, and business needs. Every person or group of people has different delivery needs. Some people need a fast messenger service for delivering important documents; families need moving trucks for house moving, and business owners’ delivery vehicle needs to depend on the type of products they offer.

That is why we made sure that our delivery vehicle lineup is complete—from the smallest (the scooter) to the largest (the 6-wheeler truck)—so there could be a vehicle suitable for each customer.

Motorcycle for Messenger Service

Deliveree’s messenger service accepts shipping of greeting cards, letters, legal documents, and small parcels—items that could easily fit in a bag of a motor rider. For small items like documents and tiny parcels, Deliveree uses the motorcycle. Motorcycles are the fastest way of completing urgent delivery requests since their small frame allows them to navigate through heavy traffic jams to get to the destination on time.
So if you are someone who needs a tiny parcel or an important document to be delivered as fast as possible, our motorcycle is the best option for you.

Eco Car for Small Boxes and Delicate Items

Next to the motorcycle, the Deliveree eco car is the second fastest delivery vehicle among the fleet. But unlike the motorcycle, the eco car or economy car option can certainly carry items bigger than tiny parcels, as this option has three types of car models available for rent: sedan, hatchback, and SUV (also known as Sports Utility Vehicle).

Economy cars can carry packages with a maximum weight of 100-150 kgs. To fit inside the car, the package must be no longer than 100-175 cm, no wider than 90-100 cm, and no higher than 75-85 cm.
Items that are commonly shipped through economy car are flower bouquets, gowns, large stuffed animal toys, and multi-layered or multi-tiered cakes.

Pickup for Hardware Supplies

Of course, Deliveree’s services are not limited to delicate items like documents and baked goods. Our pickup trucks can handle hardware and construction supplies. With its pickup trucks, Deliveree accepts delivery requests for hollow blocks, tin roofs, floor tiles, metal beams, and glass panes. Whether you are an owner of a building construction supply store who needs a business logistics fleet or an individual remodeling your house, you can surely rely on Deliveree’s pickup truck!
Our pickup trucks can carry items as long as 145 cm, as wide as 190 cm, and no higher than 200 cm. It can also carry a maximum weight of 1,000 kgs.

Boxed Car for House Moving

There are two types of Deliveree Thailand courier trucks: one is a boxed car and the other is a 6-wheeler truck. Boxed car trucks are a lot smaller than 6-wheeler trucks and are often used for house-moving services that do not involve too many household items. It can carry household items with a total weight of no more than 1,500 kgs. Collectively, the household items must not be longer than 150 cm, no wider than 170 cm, and no higher than 210 cm.
Its closed box also makes the boxed car a safe container for perishable goods like fruits and vegetables

6-Wheeler Truck for Very Big Items

Deliveree’s 6-wheels for rent are the ones you can trust when it comes to transporting heavy and various objects at once. These large and long vehicles can carry items that are 210-240 cm high, 500-7000 cm long, and 200-220 cm wide. Their 6-wheels can withstand a maximum weight of 4,000-5,000 kgs.
These 6-wheels or 6-wheeler trucks are often used for office-moving, house-moving, furniture and appliances shipping, and transporting heavy and large concert equipment like lights, stage platforms, and sound systems.

As of now, Deliveree Thailand has five types of fleet choices: motorcycle, economy car, pickup truck, boxed car, and 6-wheeler truck. All you have to do is launch our delivery app and pick the one that best suits your delivery needs!
Who knows, maybe we will add more transport vehicles to our fleet in the future.


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