Privacy and Personal Data Collection Policy

In order for us to provide our service to the users of our platform, it is necessary for us to collect, store, use, process, share and update the personal data of all users. This Privacy and Personal Data Collection Policy (Privacy Policy) is provided here to allow the users of our platform to understand our guidelines for the collection and use of users’ personal data.

We urge all users to carefully review our Privacy Policy and make sure that you understand it. We also encourage all users to revisit our Privacy Policy regularly on our website as it may be updated and changed from time to time.


These Terms and Conditions are effective as of August 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Whose personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data only from those who use our Software to seek and avail the Services, delivery service and those who provide Transport using our Software.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

We collect data that may be required for us to provide the Services to the users of our Software (either the Users who places delivery request or the Drivers who provide Transport, as requested) to obtain Services or provide Transport. This data generally includes but may not be limited to addresses, phone numbers, emails, physical locations, pictures, and any other information that may be useful in the course of providing our services.

How do we collect personal data?

Personal data is collected from our website and mobile application when users register for an account and provide additional information in the course of using our Software to book Services. We also provide call center support. Our call center staff may interact with users by phone or other means and collect personal data in order to facilitate the provision of our Services such as the collection of incomplete, missing, or extraordinary information, and special instructions regarding delivery. We may also use cookies to improve the user experience and the provision of our Service.

We may also monitor, record, store and use any telephone, email, or other communication with you in order to check any instructions given to us, for training purposes, for compliance purposes, and to improve the quality of our customer service.

Why do we collect personal data?

Personal data is collected so that we may provide our Service in the best possible way and also personalize and improve your experience with our Service. To do these, the Personal data that users provide us will be shared with Drivers for the latter to carry out and complete Transport, meaning that personal data of users placing delivery requests will be shared with other users who are providing transportation for deliveries and vice versa.

We will also use your personal data for: statistical analysis; to develop and improve our Software and Services; to update your records; to identify which of our, or others’, products might interest you; and for market research.

Do we disclose personal data to any third party?

We do not distribute, sell, share or disclose personal data to third parties except under the following limited circumstances:

To improve and maintain the operation of our platform and service, we may share data with our trusted partners who are bound by the same confidentiality undertaking as provided in this Privacy Policy and maintain the confidentiality of your personal data;

To improve the user experience on our platform and to provide promotions to users by collaborating with trusted partners who have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data;

To comply with laws and regulations, an official order, court order, or order by any government authority which Deliveree has reason to believe has the authority to issue such order.

What are the permissions requested on the Mobile Device?

Depending on the User’s specific device, this Application may request certain permissions that allow it to access the User’s device Data as described below. By default, these permissions must be granted by the User before the respective information can be accessed. Once the permission has been given, it can be revoked by the User at any time. In order to revoke these permissions, Users may refer to the device settings.

The exact procedure for controlling app permissions may be dependent on the User’s device and software. Please note that the revoking of such permissions might impact the proper functioning of this Application.

If User grants any of the permissions listed below, the respective Personal Data may be processed (i.e accessed to, modified, or removed) by this Application.

Location permission

Used for accessing the User’s device location. This Application may collect, use, and share User location Data in order to provide location-based services. The user’s location is used to determine the country of services, as well as to help the user pinpoint delivery locations for the course of providing a delivery.

Camera permission

Used for accessing the camera or capturing images and video from the device. The images are used to identify delivery items to help the course of delivery.

Contacts permission

Used for accessing contacts and profiles on the User’s device, including the changing of entries. The contacts are used to be added into locations contacts, to help a course of delivery.

Phone permission

Used for accessing a host of typical features associated with telephony. This enables, for instance, read-only access to the “phone state”, which means it enables access to the phone number of the device, current mobile network information, or the status of any ongoing calls. The phone permission is used to let the user call to facilitate the course of a delivery process.

Reminders permission

Used for accessing the Reminders app on the User’s device, including the reading, adding, and removing of entries. The permission is used to notify and remind a delivery event during a delivery process.

SMS permission

Used for accessing features related to the User’s messaging including the sending, receiving, and reading of SMS. The permission is for the user to contact during the course of delivery.

Social media accounts permission

Used for accessing the User’s social media account profiles, such as Facebook and Google+. The permission is used so the user can connect to our Application using their social accounts.

Storage permission

Used for accessing shared external storage, including the reading and adding of any items. The permission is used so the user can save a picture to his phone when necessary.

Your Choices, Your Rights

Users have the right to access, correct and delete personal information collected. To exercise your rights, you can contact us via email at

Will we change our Privacy Policy?

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time as we see appropriate or as required by law. Any changes to our Privacy Policy shall take immediate effect and can be viewed on the Website or the Software.

What can you do if you have any questions on the Privacy Policy?

We encourage users to contact us via email at with any questions regarding our Privacy Policy.