Deliveree Terms for Beginners

Are you planning to use Deliveree’s services but found yourself confused with the terms present on our homepage and blogs? No worries! We have provided a list of basic Deliveree terms for those who wish to know more about our process before making a transaction. Deliveree app Deliveree App refers to the web and delivery […]

Affordable Office Moving Services Now Available!

Office moving is an integral part of having and being a part of a company. Companies have different reasons to move into a different office, such as company traditions, upsizing, downsizing, change of chief executive officer, end of lease contract, and more. Good thing Deliveree offers office moving services that are not just affordable but […]

When Should You Use “Special Help”?

What are the Standard Fares? Deliveree charges a starting flat price inclusive of the first 5 km and then a fee per km thereafter. These prices vary by vehicle. What should you expect from your driver when paying Standard Fares? We call this the Standard Service. This is the physical labor our drivers must perform […]

Worry Free Sending Fragile Items

Crystals, glasses, porcelains, and other fragile items—Deliveree goods delivery services can handle them with care. Deliveree driver partners are trained to handle fragile items professionally and Deliveree vehicles are well-kept so they are always safe for transporting goods that easily break. Below is a list of fragile packages that we can safely transport. Send Crystals […]

Deliveree is Coming to Surabaya!

Surabaya is a port city known for its mix of modern-time skyscrapers and old Dutch buildings. Its strategic port location made it into one of the major business centers in Indonesia. Moreover, Surabaya is the country’s third largest city, packed with people, malls, parks, and business establishments—and that is why Deliveree is coming to Surabaya. […]


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