Boosting Fashion Industry in Bandung

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Hailed as the Paris of Java, Bandung is a one-stop place to the most fashionable wardrobe and lifestyle products. Here, every day is a busy day of fashion so there is a need for a fast-paced industry movement. If you own a fashion-related business in Bandung or surrounding areas, here is how the Deliveree app can help!

For Clothing Stores

Clothing shops need diverse selections of clothes to fit the different personal styles of customers. All trending styles should be showcased in order to attract people, but fashion trends come and go quickly. You need to display certain merchandise in the right place and at the right time, and if you do not have enough staff to take care of the work, your business might be in trouble.

On the bright side, you can hire a logistics partner like Deliveree to take care of your clothes supply delivery. There is no need to worry about making quick deliveries of bulk fabrics to your store, so you can concentrate more on your business

For Online Clothing Shops

More and more people prefer to shop online because of its numerous benefits. This results in larger number of door-to-door orders that need to be sent immediately and to different destinations. The Deliveree app can help you get to your customers with ease. You can decide on what kind of truck matches the volume of deliveries you need to send. In addition, you can also transport orders outside Bandung as long as it is within our service area.

For Tailors and Seamstresses

Oftentimes, private tailors and seamstresses get rush orders from customers as people wish to get their clothes done the next day for an important event or party. Having a limited supply of fabric can delay the job, but with the help of a logistics partner, you can have your supply of clothes in no time!  You can satisfy your customers by finishing their orders in a flash, and in return, you get more orders and earn more income!

From Deliveree’s small box trucks to axle trucks, there is a wide range of delivery automobile choices that can cater to your needs. As Deliveree can send goods fast, those who work in the fashion industry can maximize their time for their businesses!