Quick Tips in Sending Business Packages

At Deliveree , we want every customer to experience ultimate convenience when using our delivery application. In line with this, we have prepared some tips to make sending Deliveree packages faster and easier for new customers.
Choosing Locations
To avoid confusions on your and the Deliveree driver’s part, make sure to enter your correct location for pickup and drop-off. We also advise customers to first check their desired pickup and drop-off locations if the places are within our Deliveree service area, like Jakarta, Bandung, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor.
Choosing Fleets
Another important detail to plan ahead is the type of Deliveree fleet or automobile you are going to use, and this depends on what kind of fleet your packages need for transportation. For example, smaller and lighter packages not exceeding 150-300kg can fit inside a Deliveree economy car, while bigger and heavier packages may require Deliveree trucks. Making the correct choice of fleet prevents problems when loading the packages into the automobile.
Choosing Extra Services
Our Deliveree app offers a wide range of extra services so customers can customize the delivery transaction according to what they specifically need. As customers can already see the shipping price list  before making a transaction, we advise our customers to carefully plan exactly what services they need so they will not regret any extra services they did or did not include.
Choosing The Payment Method
Deliveree Indonesia accepts both cash payment and bank transfer. However, before making a decision which payment method to use, we advise our customers to use the one that they are more familiar with and will not suffer any inconvenience from. We would also like to remind our customers that cash payment is recommended for regular package sending, while bank transfer is more recommended for customers enrolled under our Deliveree Business Program.
With these simple tips, we hope that customers will be able to use their Deliveree app easily and with less post-transaction hassle. Whether our customers are sending packages from Bandung or delivering business goods around Jakarta, we only want them to experience smooth transactions. For more inquiries and clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.
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