How Deliveree Driver Partners are Trained

Deliveree Logistics Company values customer service as one of its highest priorities. To serve our customers better, we have to make sure that our employees and driver partners take their job seriously. Here is a peek at how we ensure quality work from our delivery driver partners.

Before an individual can apply as a Deliveree driver, he must be 23 years of age, has a fully-working automobile no younger than 3 years and no older than 8 years, and owns a driver’s license and the necessary vehicle ownership documents. Applicants must also have a good statement from police.

To apply, an individual that has the above qualifications must answer and fill out the registration form that can be found by clicking the Register Now button at the Deliveree For Drivers webpage. After submitting the answered and filled out form, the applicant must wait until Deliveree contacts him for his training and seminar schedule.

Training and Seminar
During the seminar, the applicants will be trained regarding Deliveree knowledge, how to use the Deliveree courier application, the Standard Operatinional Procedure, Deliveree service locations, and COD and POD knowledge for Indonesian cargos with Business Program customers. The training and seminar usually runs for a total of 6 hours.

After the training and seminar, an applicant must pass an examination test consisting of 50 questions with multiple choices within 1 and a half hour. To pass, the applicant must have an 80% and above scoring. If the applicant passed the exam, he may start to work as a delivery driver partner the next day.

In case a driver partner applicant failed the exam and wishes to try again, he may do so. However, if he fails the exam for the second time, he may not apply again. Also, the retrying applicant must passed the exam with a score of at least 90%.

If you have more questions on how Deliveree Indonesia selects it delivery driver partners, feel free to contact us. You can also give us a call if you experienced any inconvenience with one of our drivers’ services and we will surely try to fix the issue.

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